Double Wide Dudes Podcast

EPISODE 19: Family Experiences – The Chavez Family

Pic: Chavez home on move-in day.

Episode 19: Transcript

Mousetrap: Alright, alright welcome back to another episode of Doublewide Dude’s. Or I should say dude on this one. I’m going to be tackling this episode alone. AP couldn’t make it. Tell you a little bit about my day, just got back from the jitsu. I’m going strong and the training is getting better, really digging the daily progression of Jitsu. It’s a beautiful art. I do suggest anyone who is at least giving it a thought to go out and give it a try.

But yeah let me get right to it. In these next couple episodes we’re going to share with you guys some family experiences. Some of the people that we’ve had a pleasure to help out getting into home and doing some short interviews and talk about what their expectations were, their fears or the challenges they had to overcome and really just their overall experience.

In this episode we’re going to have the interview between Alberto and Leroy. He’s been on the podcast before, you may have heard him before. He’s been a big help to actually getting the word out for our business him and his family and vice versa, I had the pleasure to help him out. He’s almost part of the project that Adam and West over at White Cloud Drones put together for us and it turned out great. I mean there’s already 20,000 views and there is really some spectacular footage on getting the whole project from start to finish.

Let’s jump into the interview so you guys can hear what really went on in Leroy’s brain and how we dealt with the whole thing and hopefully you guys can take something away from it and maybe give the opportunity and the inspiration to take the leap to become a homeowner yourself and realize that if you’re committed on buying a home you just got to take that first step and find the right team that can help you get it to the finish line. But yeah let’s jump right into the interview.

This one was recorded by Adam over at our office and it was the interview between Alberto and Leroy but there’s also some audio of Leroy over at his house for his daughter’s graduation party for the initial reveal.

Adam: What do you have behind you?
Leroy: So we have my brand new home behind me. When we first looked at the property there was nothing here, nobody had ever lived here. A lot of brush, a lot of trees. Wasn’t sure how it was going to happen. Turned out to be a pretty easy process, pretty smooth, didn’t take long at all. Within months we went from oh my god where you start to obviously right behind me I have my home. And the kids are happy, wife is happy, couldn’t have thanked the crew of White Cloud and Braustin Mobile.
Host: This is Leroy in front of his house talking about the finished product and how it turned out. We were over at his daughter’s graduation party and he was just giving us insight on the whole project. This next part coming up is their interview between Alberto and Leroy.
Alberto: So the home buying experience you know wasn’t just you say yes and you got a house. It was a process. It took several months. From a home buyers viewpoint how was that experience on you end?
Leroy: At the very beginning much like anybody else there was nervousness, there is questions on where do we start, you know is this really going to happen, you know why do they need all this info. And yall guys explain and walk me through everything and it was simple enough that I could still be at work and answer whatever questions we needed, either through e-mail text, phone call and it just made the whole process simple. You’ll told us step by step what was going to happen, worst case scenarios, best case scenarios and nothing came to me as a surprise after speaking to you and going through the step by step process and it just made it real easy. At the very start of course like everybody else there’s the unsureness of what’s going to happen. We went on and we moved further forward. It seemed like instead of it getting harder it actually got easier.
Alberto: You didn’t actually see your home. You didn’t get to walk through models. We were downtown. Talk about that experience a little bit. Were there any hesitations upfront or?
Leroy: There was a little bit of hesitation until we got to see that virtual reality tour, which was pretty neat. Once we were able to look, see a couple of different houses, you showed us a couple of different models and once she saw, one it saved us time because we were able to look at different houses, different set ups, you know hey we like this, we like that, we like these color cabinets you know the whole works. Rather than having to jump from one house to another house, you know then well we don’t have this house at this location but you can drive to this location, it saved us a lot of money, saved us a lot of time, a lot of headaches on both ends and a decision was made within, you know you’re talking an hour, an hour and a half. We were set on a what we liked and what we wanted and it was just unbelievable on how realistic that virtual reality tour was that we had taken.
Alberto: So when a home got there, you could see it live and in person. How did that compare to what you had seen online and with the virtual reality tour?
Leroy: What we saw online with the virtual reality tours and then seeing it live, it was, the best way to his explaining it, is it wasn’t something that I wasn’t expecting. Everything that I had seen live was what I had seen through the virtual reality tour. There wasn’t anything that was out of place. There wasn’t nothing that we hadn’t seen through the tour that we couldn’t see when we first took our steps through the door for the first time. So essentially it was as if we had already walked through the house several times before. So there was no big surprise when we saw it live versus seeing it through the virtual reality tour.
Alberto: So the first thing after closing – I know you Michelle and the kids, you went and watched around your acre of land. Tell us what’s going through your mind that first day you and your family walking through this acre of land you just purchased.
Leroy: Well as a father of five kids. That feeling of man you know here I am a mechanic, I’m not a doctor, not a lawyer you know I just make a honest living to what I think is a skilled job and to see the kids walk around before you’re in the house their just walking on the property that was heart-warming. Looking at all the trees you know it was a vision that I had had years ago and not knowing it was going to happen to becoming reality, like this is going to happen. This is going to happen. You get that question in your mind turns into something positive. This is happening. This is going to happen. Kids are running around you know their playing. Everybody is stereotypes, you know wide picket fence kind of thing goes on in your mind but with me it was more you know part of their future as well as mine. After that kind of settled in the question was okay now where do we start, you know all these trees, all this brush and then you got your team together and before you know it, you know the clearing was done.
Host: He proceed to talk about the expectations he had for the time frame it was going to get all done. When he first saw the raw land he really didn’t see it as a possibility for it to get done as fast as it did. Once the first step of the land clearing got started and finished slowly and slowly he started see the pieces come together.
Alberto: So just like with any other construction project we ran into some hicups and bumps. From your view point what was it like from a customer perspective working with us to overcome these obstacles we ran into during the construction part of your home?
Leroy: Working with you’ll trying to get through the bumps and you know really. I didn’t feel like I was put aside and put on the back burner. We kept in contact together. It was honestly like working with family. Not just a friendship or a customer or you know you’re just a company, it was as if you were buying the house with me, as if we were doing it together. The bumps you know we worked together. It wasn’t, well you know you figure this out and you make this phone call and then just touch base with me later. It was a constant hey let’s do this, let’s call these people, let’s email who we need to. If I got a response and you get a response. Divide and conquer let’s get this done.
Alberto: Mitchel I know she didn’t believe she was getting a house until dang near the end.
Leroy: You know she was excited when she saw the base there and the foundation everything, the driveway and everything coming together. And she was like I don’t know that this is going to happen you know. I know it’s happening but it was it was kind of a joke, it was kind of an inside bet. You know what if I bet you we’re going to do this, you know then you’re going to rub my feet for a month or whatever. So she did get you know a little question in her mind, is this really going to happen. Of course she grew up right down the street from where I did. And the anxiety was what do we do you know, is there anything we could do to help the process. And she was just kind of looking out, outside looking in per say. And it was me and you working together and she did have too many questions. And once the house was there…the questions stop and her imagination just went through the roof. And you couldn’t ask for, as a husband to see your wife get so excited and I hadn’t seen the smile on her face like that, that wide since we said the I do’s. And that was one of the best feelings I could ever have.
Host: I want to thank the Chavez family for entrusting us to be their home builder and get this project done for them. I also want to thank Adam and White Cloud Drones for teaming up with us and making some incredible footage for us to showcase Braustin Homes and really get the word out to help families change their lives. That does it for this episode. Tune in to the next one we’re going to get another family on so they could talk about their experience and see how it turned out for them. As always thanks for tuning in and we’ll talk to you in the next one.