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May 10, 2023

The Benefits of Mobile Home Carports

It’s important to know the benefits of mobile home carports if you are someone who wants to keep their vehicle in the best condition possible.

If that describes you, it only makes sense to take certain precautions to protect your vehicle, boat, or RV from weather conditions and other potential hazards.

Carports are covered car parking structures designed to provide protection from the elements, as opposed to garages, which take up more space (and cost more money!) They typically have a flat roof and can stand alone or be attached to an existing structure. 

If you have recently moved into a mobile home, or if you are about to purchase one, you may be wondering if a carport is a wise investment to make. That’s why we’re going to go over some of the benefits of mobile home carports today and give you a better understanding of them. 

Let’s begin!

Carports are Cost-Effective

Carports are an excellent alternative to garages, which can be rather costly. They are quicker and cheaper to build, offer more flexibility, and won’t require redesigning your mobile home or additional construction work. 

Purchasing a carport is a wise investment for those who are not yet ready or do not have a need to commit to a full-fledged garage and the hefty price tag that comes with it!

Carports Offer Weather Protection

Many people have no other choice but to park their vehicles outside. Depending on where you live, parking your car outside can expose it to inclement weather such as snow, ice, rain, sleet, wind, hail, and sun. All of these elements can harm your vehicles and significantly reduce their value and lifespan.

Have you ever sat in a hot leather car seat in the summer? Ouch! 

Installing a carport is a simple solution to weather exposure and the problems that can arise as a result of it. 

Carports Can Increase Your Mobile Home Resale Value

Building a carport is a wise choice if you want to add valuable features to your mobile home. A carport can increase your home’s value, as this type of structure is becoming more popular among homeowners. 

The aesthetics of your home will also improve, which makes it more appealing and functional to potential buyers.

Carports Save on Space

Carports also take up less space than a garage. Because they primarily hang over the area where you are currently parking, which means carport installation may not demand additional land clearing!

If your mobile home doesn’t already have a carport, it may be relatively simple to find space for one. It will be most convenient if your driveway is already adjacent to your mobile home. 

Is a Carport Right for Me?

You can order a carport online or at a dealer and have it delivered to your mobile home. However, you should hire a professional to install it correctly. This is not the time to attempt a do-it-yourself project!

If your mobile home is newer, it may have a certificate or other type of notice certifying that it can structurally support a carport or other structure. (This feature is not found in older mobile homes.)

To conclude, installing a carport on your property is a wise investment. It is less expensive than a garage, but it provides the same protection for your cars and adds value and appeal to your mobile home. If you are wanting to add some upgrades to your mobile home, consider installing a carport and reaping its benefits!
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