Porch and landscaping making mobile home look like a site-built home
April 13, 2023

How to Make Your Mobile Home Look Like a Site-Built Home

Mobile homes are affordable, built with quality materials, and share the same amenities and features as traditional site-built homes.

You can usually tell a mobile home apart from its site-built counterpart, but that’s not exactly a terrible thing! Some might envision the stereotypical crowded, dilapidated trailer parks and want to take every precaution to avoid appearing that way! 

Totally understandable.

Manufactured homes have advanced significantly over the years. But, you may still wish to add more features and touches to make your house appear more sophisticated and “permanent.” Well, stay tuned. If you want your mobile home to look more like a traditional house, we have some great tips for you!

Ground Set the Mobile Home

Although it can be quite expensive, mobile homes can be positioned at ground level. This is the biggest change you can make to your mobile home to look more like a site-built home.

If you choose to have your home ground-set, this would need to be determined before your mobile home is transported to your lot. This is due to the area needing to be dug out, the home being backed into the pit, and retaining walls being installed. This results in your mobile home being at ground level.

Use a Basement Foundation

A basement gives your mobile home the appearance of being site-built. It also significantly increases your living and storage space.

Additionally, a basement foundation offers better structural support, which raises the overall value of your home. This is especially true if you reside in an area that frequently experiences natural disasters like tornadoes and storms.

Add a Porch or Deck to Your Mobile Home

Without a doubt, a porch can give your mobile home the final touch you’re looking for. It’s not just a great way to add living space; it can also provide your mobile home with the appearance of a site-built home that you want. 

A screened-in porch would be very helpful for people who live in hot, humid climates with lots of flying insects. These can keep pests out while still providing a cool breeze on a hot day for your family and home. 

If you don’t have these struggles in your location, then an open porch with or without a roof is a great option and feels more open as well. There’s not much that compared to enjoying meals outside with your family on your slice of Texas!

Add a Higher Roof Pitch & Eaves

The pitch of your mobile home’s roof can be improved in both looks and functionality. Your mobile home will resemble a traditional house more if the roof pitch is higher, and it will also make snow and rain more easily slide off.

To keep water away from the siding and windows, site-built homes typically have wide eaves (between 12 and 16 inches). On the other hand, the eaves and gutters on most mobile homes are smaller (typically 6 and 5 inches.)  The outside of your mobile home can look more like a house by incorporating wider eaves and a steeper roof pitch.

Add A Garage to Your Mobile Home

While a garage or carport can be relatively expensive, they also make a significant impact if your goal is to make your mobile home appear more permanent. 

A garage can raise the value of your mobile home and make it more appealing if you ever decide to sell. In addition to making your home larger, adding storage, and enhancing its durability, this addition can also significantly increase your curb appeal.

Implement Attractive Landscaping

Are you wondering about the easiest way you can make your mobile home look like a site-built home? No matter the type of home you have, some good and thoughtfully designed landscaping can always work wonders. No need to spend extra money on hiring professionals if you don’t have to, a little elbow grease and a good set of pruners can get you pretty far! Keep in mind,  landscaping, even of the simplest kind, can transform and beautify your mobile home like you wouldn’t believe.

All it takes is some methodical planning. Some trees planted around your home, a bed trimming your home to frame it and give it a more complete look. Find out what shrubs and plants can thrive in your area and won’t require much maintenance, that way you don’t have to worry about your hard work and money going down the drain! 

It’s Possible!

No matter your budget, there are steps you can take to make your mobile home appear like a site-built home. Even if it’s just adding a porch and some landscaping, that already takes you closer to that more “permanent” appearance if that’s what you desire.

If you have more room in your budget, you can opt for initially getting your home ground set or put on a basement foundation. If that’s your goal, speak with a member at Braustin Homes today! We want to make sure you get exactly what you want to make your home the one in your dreams! 

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