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March 7, 2023

How Do Mobile Homes Compare to Traditional Homes?

If you’re in the game to buy a home, you may start out asking yourself, how do mobile homes compare to traditional homes?

There is a noticeable difference between mobile homes and traditional homes from the outside, so much so that it does not take an architect or a contractor to tell the two apart. These differences, however, extend beyond the obvious, involving fundamental aspects of construction, design, and style. If you don’t know much about mobile homes, you may be pleasantly surprised once you dig into some information about them. 

We’re here to show you some differences and hopefully give you something to consider because mobile homes are worth your consideration!

Let’s get started! 

Similarities Between Mobile Homes & Traditional Homes

Yes, there are many similarities between both types of housing! What’s important to note here is that you aren’t missing out on anything if you choose to live in a mobile home. So, with that being said, let’s go over what mobile homes and traditional homes have in common:

They Can Both Be “Home”

Both homes share the same use, as expected. Mobile homes can be just as comfortable as traditional ones. There are numerous ways to personalize your mobile home to suit your preferences. A mobile home is fully capable of being the ideal place for you and your family to live!

Style & Amenities

People commonly have misconceptions about the level of comfort that can be found in mobile homes. And it’s our favorite realization to witness when they find out the TRUTH! So, just know that if you go the mobile home route, you absolutely will not have to give up any conveniences. In fact, all of the amenities and utilities that you would find in a traditional home are available!

Some desirable features commonly found in modern mobile homes are open-concept kitchen/living rooms, walk-in closets, large bathtubs, plenty of windows for natural light, and the list goes on.

Once you step foot into a mobile home, you wouldn’t know you are in one!

Quality & Craftsmanship

While there was once a stigma associated with mobile homes in terms of the quality of materials and craftsmanship, modern mobile homes can be built to be just as durable as traditional homes, and in most cases at even higher standards. 

How can that be?

It’s simple mobile homes are built in a controlled environment out of the rain and other elements, so they can be produced at a consistently high quality which is difficult to achieve with traditional homes.

Differences Between Mobile Homes & Traditional Homes

Here are some of the main differences you should know about when considering a mobile home:

Construction Time

A traditional home can take anywhere from three months to even a year to be built. It is a pretty loose timeline, considering the stops and unforeseen circumstances that can occur from weather and lack of materials when they are needed! 

We all saw what happened during the pandemic…

A mobile home, on the other hand, can be built from the ground up in a matter of days to a few weeks. The short construction period of the mobile home keeps the cost of the home within a more affordable range, and is delivered to your land or mobile home community! 

Cost for the Homebuyer 

The cost is another significant difference between the two types of homes. In a controlled environment, assembly line construction can be used to build mobile homes efficiently. That means they are less expensive to make, and the savings are passed on to you, the homebuyer.

That’s a HUGE win!

Standard homes can be much more expensive because they require a team of contractors and additional components. As a result, the average homebuyer will pay significantly more for a standard house than they would for a similarly sized mobile home.

Restrictions & Regulations 

In general, there are few restrictions on site-built homes. Each phase of the construction process may have more or fewer regulations in some states. Contractors are required by law to be licensed, and another requirement is regular inspections throughout the process.

Mobile homes, on the other hand, are subject to very strict regulations. They must adhere to the HUD code’s requirements. HUD laws are responsible for removing the stigma associated with mobile homes and bringing them into a more positive light.

You Can’t Go Wrong

After comparing mobile homes to traditional homes, you have probably concluded by now that both choices can equally meet your needs as a homeowner.

The most favorable difference? The price for you as the buyer! 

So, if you are ready, and you’re sold on the thought of owning a mobile home, speak with a member at Braustin Homes today! We would love to show you the homes we offer and find something that checks off every box on your list! 

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