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January 2, 2020

Braustin’s 2019 Recap

2019 is coming to an end and before we move full speed ahead with progress in 2020, we at Braustin want to first reflect on our third year as a business and take a moment to thank our wonderful customers!

This year was a wild ride and we have been amazed by the growth in both our team and home buyers.

In 2017 we helped 33 families become homeowners and this year we were able to help over 100! It wouldn’t have been possible without all of you, the Braustin family, spreading the word about your experience buying a home with us.

The core of our company is Bringing Trust Back to Mobile Homes. Every honest review, Facebook like or share, and recommendation to friends and family has contributed to that mission. And on that note, we reached 10,000 likes on Facebook! This is a huge milestone in validating our company and helping to reach more families looking for a reputable dealer to guide them through their homebuying journey.

New Locations

We finally jumped through all the hoops and cleared the hurdles to officially open our Braustin Sales Center in South San Antonio earlier this year. You can read about our Grand Opening here.

Following not long after, we opened our Virtual Outpost inside the New Braunfels H-E-B, which has been an incredible place to educate home buyers and the general public on the mobile home industry, give augmented reality and virtual reality home tours, and connect buyers with our sales team in San Antonio.

New Team Members

We have added 6 new team members this year to make sure that as our company grows, our customer experience grows with it. Check out these shorts blogs on Christa, Shivani, Jeff, and Cristina to learn more about their roles in Braustin, and be on the lookout as we introduce our newest members in the coming weeks.

Braustin Website & Vlogs

We made several updates and eventually a full overhaul of our website this year adding several features to make home shopping even easier. In addition to calculating delivery, set-up, and AC costs, you can now also factor in upgrade costs to get a more accurate price quote entirely online on as many homes as you’re interested in.

And to educate buyers more completely about the mobile home industry and all of its many aspects, we have created and published over 30 short videos discussing topics about mobile home delivery, financing, credit scores, and much more. You can find these video blogs on our Facebook page or at our “New Home Buyer’s Bootcamp” on our website as well.

Exciting Things in 2020!

We are moving into the new year full of momentum and excitement. 2019 has brought incredible growth, new ideas, and inspiration for the future. Again, thank you to all our customers who have offered their continued support. Our success is a direct result of your belief in the Braustin dream.

Happy New Year, everyone! Let’s make it a good one.

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