A letter from our customer to our future customers
December 6, 2021

Dear Potential Mobile Home Buyers: A Letter From A Happy Customer

Here at Braustin Homes, we love hearing back from our customers!

In fact, we check in on our customers quite often because one of our core values is to Create Custy’s for Life. This means our relationship isn’t just a transaction, it’s much more personal than that.

Our customers quickly become apart of our Braustin Family, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

In today’s article, we’ll hear from a couple who recently teamed up with Braustin to find a new home. They were kind enough to send us a lovely letter detailing their experience, and we thought their perspective would be great to share with our readers.

So, without further ado, here’s a wonderful letter from a new homeowner to future homeowners!

Article Notation: The following letter has been lightly edited for clarity purposes only. All images used are for illustrating/storytelling purposes only.

Dear Potential Mobile Home Buyers,

We purchased a manufactured home from Braustin Homes, and would like to share our experience with you.

Before we found Braustin, we contacted or visited several mobile home dealers. They either asked us for financial information before looking at the home models, mark-up the price from earlier conversations, or request a down payment to “hold the home” that we are interested in.

One day, we stumbled across the phone number of Braustin Homes.

We called and chatted with one of the Housing Consultants, Mauricio Chacra, for about 20 minutes.

Mauricio was focusing on what we wanted, the price we could afford and the urgency to move to a new home.

He sent us the link to findmymobilehome.com.

This allowed us to look at the models they had, view options we would like to add on, and see the exact price based on the choices we had selected.

After researching and comparing, Braustin’s pricing was $5,000 less than anyone else, so we decided to visit his office.

It was in July 2021; the mobile home market was red hot and prices went up every month.

We drove to the Atascosa location where two young ladies greeted us to a conference room.

There we were, sitting on a sofa in front of a big TV, and Mauricio appeared on the TV screen.

He dressed in a simple shirt, nothing fancy, like a good neighbor.

He explained to us the way Braustin Homes works. The main office is at downtown San Antonio TX, so meeting us online would save resources and pass the savings to customers.

We liked the price, nothing wrong with it.

They had the TRU Marvel model we wanted on the dealership property. From there, we walked through the home to look inside and around, we were sure to pay attention to the nice trimming on the walls and ceiling, thermal windows, two roomy living areas, a huge primary bathroom and closet, the triple insulation in roof, and double insulation in floor — it was the must have for Texas summer.

We found exactly what we wanted.

We wanted to hold the home and asked about leaving a deposit, but Mauricio refused. He explained that a deposit wasn’t necessary and would take down payment later when the buying process was completed.

One week later, they sent out a survey team for our site inspection.

They were checking to see if any trees needed trimming, any fencing needed to move, and making sure if the lot was level.

Once we started the loan application, we sent Mauricio all the documents needed such as our credit reports, last year’s tax receipt, monthly debt payment receipts, driver licenses etc.

To put our circumstances into perspective, we are retired with a fixed income, and have excellent credit.

The financial institution was a Credit Union. They were very meticulous. We were asked many identity verification questions, for the award letter for pension income, and for social security card information.

It took us a while to gather all requested documents.

They looked at the house insurance policy very carefully, making sure it is insured up to the loan amount and deductible is less or equal to $1000. This credit union bank took nearly a month to complete the loan approval.

From this experience, we were confident that Braustin Homes works with solid companies.

Once the loan was approved, the team at Braustin scheduled the transport, base pad, delivery, and setup of the home. Mauricio itemized the site work on a list with each job priced individually. From there, we selected which job we wanted the contractor to work on.

To save money, we finished several items by ourselves.

The contract company did a good job building the base pad. When it was done, it looked and supported like a concrete foundation. In the delivery process, they used a machine run by a remote!

The machine setup the home accurately within inches.

They also used a new method to level the home. It was pretty neat to watch as they used a narrow long water hose, and when the water was at the same level at both sides of the home, the home was level. We were very impressed! The more we watched how they did their job, the more confidence we had in the home we will live in.

We have lived in the house for close to one month now.

Braustin’s Operation Team gave us 30 days to request any maintenance for inside the home. The only thing we found was the water from the shower was not hot, and the water pressure was low.

With just one phone call to Braustin, a plumber arrived the next day and fixed the issue. This was a safety measure; the water was setting at low heat to match the safety regulations.

Another good feature for a new home.

We are very happy with our new home!

This house is almost double the size of our old one, yet the central air only runs 5 to 10 minutes per hour, compared to our old window units that would run all the time.

We expect our light bill will be only 1/3 of the previous bill.

The water that comes out of faucet is so clean, clear like bottled water bought from stores.

Thank you Braustin Homes for helping us in every step of the process of getting into this home!

Your staff members are professional, friendly, patient, and passionate about always helping their customers. If we had bought a home from another company, we may have ended up with a smaller or less quality home.

Special thanks to Mauricio Chacra. From beginning to end, you pushed through obstacles and timing.

We encourage any potential home buyers to check out Braustin Homes.

They are a real company, with a good deed in their heart, to serve humble, hardworking people like us.


Arthur Brown & Millicent Fogie

November 2021

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