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E-Commerce For Homebuyers

How the Digital Revolution is Changing the Home Buying Process

With companies like Amazon, E-bay, and Car-vana, everything these days is moving towards the virtual experience. It didn’t always use to be that way though. Before the “Easy button” you had to decide to buy something, get up, get dressed, drive to the store and deal with a sales person. It was high pressure and at the end you sometimes wondered if you got the best deal.

Today virtual shopping is common place, but it wasn’t always so. When Amazon first came out they themselves didn’t expect to make money for the first 5 years. Virtual shopping was a new concept and they knew it. Consumers are creatures of habit even if there is a new, better way. New ideas take time to catch on, especially when it comes to folks parting with their hard-earned money.

Nowadays most folks are busy with work, family, or just wanting to relax with whatever free time they do get. They expect a buying process to be streamlined, efficient and designed in a way that can be done in the comfort of their home. Old school high pressure sales tactics are quickly becoming a thing of the past as consumers demand better.
Virtual stores created the ability for people to either buy what they already wanted at the click of a button or allow them for search for the best price on an item hassle free. In today’s market, convenience and comfort are the key to earning someone’s business.

Ecommerce has changed entire industries and the home buying experience is right there in the mix. Articles by the New York Times and The Washington Post have shown that stick built homes are using this approach to cut cost, and improve the home buying experience. New technology now gives potential home buyers the ability to look at homes from a different city, state, even country from the comfort of their couch.

Some companies in the factory built housing industry have begun to offer the same opportunity. While these companies still offer the traditional methods to physically see and feel the home in order to gauge the quality of the manufacture, they also allow customers to walk through homes with VR goggles like those offered from companies like Merge VR. This allows these companies to showcase a wide variety of model homes without the expense of all that inventory. In turn, that allows potential home buyers to get a lower price on their new manufactured home.

Just like any new idea, this concept will take time to gain traction, but its already in motion. Virtual dealerships such as Braustin Homes have worked with a number of families entirely online and over the phone to help them save thousands of dollars on their brand new manufactured home. By using new technologies, they work with folks to help them customize, build and deliver their new home direct from the factory to their home site.

Shopping today is in the consumers’ hands more so than ever before. Companies like Blockbuster have become relics of a past generation. The home buying process still has some archaic practices, but a brave few are dropping the stone axe and rock wheel for a way that allows them to better serve their clients by focusing on helping them instead of selling them.


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