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November 20, 2023

How to Find the VIN Number on a Mobile Home

Every mobile home has a unique identifier known as the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), sort of like a social security number for your property. This number is critical for homeowners as it serves as a legal identifier for insurance, sale, and sometimes for repair and renovation permits. As such, knowing how to locate your VIN is essential for any mobile homeowner. In this guide, we’ll navigate the sometimes tricky process of finding your mobile home’s VIN, whether a brand-new model or a vintage home on wheels.

Understanding VIN for Mobile Homes

A VIN is a code that encapsulates critical details about your mobile home. It includes a manufacturer’s abbreviation, the state of manufacture, a unique serial number, and a section code for multi-section units. This information is not just a technicality; it’s vital for legal ownership, ensuring your home meets safety standards, and is a necessity when applying for insurance. It also plays a crucial role when selling your home or even for certain home improvements. A VIN isn’t just a number; it’s the identity of your home that links it to various legal and regulatory frameworks.

Step-by-Step Guide to Finding Your Mobile Home VIN

For 1976 and Newer Models

Locating your mobile home’s VIN on a newer mobile home starts with the HUD Data Plate. This plate is often inside your home in common areas near the main electrical panel, utility room cabinets, kitchen cabinets, or bedroom closets​​.

For 1975 and Older Models

For older models, VIN standards were not uniform, so you might need to look for an ANSI number that serves as the VIN. Check the tongue or hitch of the home, near the electrical panel, the hot water tank enclosure, in kitchen sink cabinets, or on the bedroom closet walls​​.

Alternative Locations for VIN Plates

If those searches don’t pan out, VIN plates, usually metal tags, might be riveted on the home’s exterior, particularly on the end wall opposite the hitch, near the main entry, or stamped on the steel frame at the tongue and hitch end​​. These locations may require a bit of exploration, especially if your home has skirting that covers parts of the exterior frame. Look for stamped or riveted metal tags – these will contain the VIN you need.

In all cases, ensure to check every possible location thoroughly, as VIN plates can sometimes be found in less obvious spots, and keep an eye out for any labels or tags that match the descriptions provided.

The Data Plate Explained

A data plate on a mobile home is much like a vehicle’s registration plate, providing vital information such as the manufacturer’s details, the home’s serial number, date of manufacture, and compliance statements with federal standards​​​​. It’s usually placed in an accessible interior like a kitchen cabinet or bedroom closet​​. Preserving this plate is crucial, especially during renovations, as it’s essential for legal verification, financing, and insurance purposes.

What to Do If the VIN or Data Plate Is Missing

Should the data plate go missing, it’s imperative to seek a replacement through the Institute for Building Technology and Safety (IBTS), which provides certification for a fee​​. Additionally, if the HUD certification label or L&I tag—which also contains vital home identification information—is missing, you can contact HUD or the relevant state’s Labor and Industries department to explore alternatives for retrieving the VIN information​​.

The VIN is crucial in the insurance application process, ensuring your home is properly identified and rated for risk​​. It’s also indispensable in legal sales, as it must match the ownership title for a valid transaction. A missing HUD tag, which certifies safety standards, can be a roadblock in these processes; however, the IBTS can verify specific certifications if needed​​.


Q: What if my mobile home is missing its VIN?

A: Contact the Institute for Building Technology and Safety (IBTS) for a replacement data plate or explore HUD label alternatives.

Q: How can I protect the data plate during a home remodel?

A: Carefully remove and re-affix the data plate to a secure area or cover it with a protective laminate.

Q: Are there different VINs for multi-section mobile homes?

A: Yes, each section usually has its own VIN, which is important for legal and insurance purposes.

Mobile Home Vin Number Location: Final Thoughts

Understanding and locating your mobile home’s VIN is more than a mere task—it’s a critical step in protecting and asserting your rights as a homeowner. Remember, keeping your VIN and data plate accessible and intact is not just for compliance—it’s for your peace of mind.
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