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April 20, 2023

How to Prevent Mold in Your Mobile Home

If you know anything about the dangers of mold, you know how important it is to prevent mold in your mobile home in the first place!

A huge benefit of manufactured homes is that they are built inside climate-controlled facilities. This means that they are shielded from moisture and other elements that could harm the materials while they are being constructed. But once your mobile home is in your possession, preventative measures should begin.

Most people believe that a leaky roof or plumbing is to blame for mold growth and water damage. This is accurate, but it’s just the beginning. To prevent a bigger issue from developing, moisture must be eliminated from windows, doors, floors, roofs, and skirting. The key is to prevent moisture from entering from the beginning! 

Let’s go over home tips on how to prevent mold in your mobile home! 

Stop Moisture at the Source

A lot of moisture issues start when too much water is released into the air. This can happen during routine household chores like cooking and taking a shower. During such activities, ventilation fans should be on and left on for some time to get the job done and eliminate moisture in the air. 

The Best Way to Prevent Mold in Your Mobile Home: Take Heed to Warning Signs Immediately!

Small moisture issues grow into large ones, and any moisture issue is easier to fix if caught early. A persistent musty odor, stained walls or ceilings, wall or floor swelling, condensation on window glass, and standing water under your home are all indicators that there may be a moisture issue.

Caulk Any Openings in Floors, Walls, & Ceilings

For smaller cracks around windows, doors, and ceiling light fixtures, caulk works best. For larger openings and situations where a clean seam is not necessary, insulating foam sealant is the best choice. 

Sealing around any bathtub and shower bases is crucial because spilled water there could seep through the floor and get caught by the belly board underneath the floor. Checking these areas regularly is a good idea to fill in any cracks before a bigger issue grows. 

Check for Damage to Belly Wrap

Consider belly wrap in the same way that you would your mobile home’s roof. The floor insulation in your mobile home is kept in place and serves as a moisture barrier thanks to the belly wrap, which is a sheet of plastic wrapped around the bottom of your home.

The wrapping may be harmed during plumbing repairs, during delivery to your home site, or by animals that burrow under your house. Use a similar material, flexible tape, and sealant to repair the damage, making sure to create a watertight seal.

Add Skirting & Check Vapor Barrier

More important than preventing animals from entering your home’s foundation, skirting aids in preventing moisture buildup. When your home is being skirted, make sure there is the necessary number of vents on each side of your house. The proper amount of vents will provide you with adequate ventilation. Your home’s foundation should have ventilation openings on at least two different sides.

Moisture still rises from the ground despite skirting. Therefore, a vapor barrier must be placed over the ground to prevent the majority of ground moisture unless you have a cement slab. You can control the moisture levels in your home by making sure your vapor barrier is intact. Additionally, make sure that the ground beneath your house is free of any standing water.

Bottom Line

As you have probably concluded, moisture can enter mobile homes in various ways. It’s crucial to be proactive when you notice any signs of mold. Musty air, odors, swelling of doors/windows, wall/ceiling discoloration, and window condensation are all things to look out for. Following the tips we listed above, you can keep your mobile home in amazing condition for years to come! 

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