Maximizing space for decorating your mobile homes
May 9, 2022

Maximizing Space in Your Mobile Home

Mobile homes offer a ton of benefits over stick-built houses. They’re more affordable, they are customizable, and you can move into your home within a few weeks if you already own the land. 

However, whether you have a double-wide mobile home or a single-wide mobile home, you won’t have as much storage space as you would in a traditional house. Fortunately, with just a few adjustments, you can utilize every inch of your mobile home with efficient storage. 

Maximizing Space in Your Mobile Home With Storage

There are several storage methods you can use to maximize the space in your manufactured home.


Bookcases are ideal for space-saving because they allow you to best use vertical space in a mobile home. Vertical spaces are often underutilized inside homes, and bookshelves address this gap. 

Avoid placing bookcases or shelves in small spaces, like directly across from the entrance of a room, as this can make the area feel cluttered or look too busy.

Kitchen Racks

The majority of mobile homes do not have a lot of cabinet space, which limits how much you can store pots, pans, dishes, and pantry items. Fortunately, you can address this by mounting kitchen racks where you can hang the pots and pans. Wall-mounted shelves can also be used to store dishes in an aesthetically pleasing and efficient way. 

Underbed Storage

When shopping for your bed for your mobile home, keep in mind that underneath is an excellent storage option. There are storage containers that are specifically designed to fit underneath the bed. Additionally, there are beds that feature drawers as the base of the bed, offering a seamless storage solution. Under the bed storage is perfect for the storage of seasonal clothes and extra bedding. 

Multi-Purpose Furniture

Speaking of beds with built-in drawers, there are many different types of furniture that double as storage. For example, ottomans, chests, and benches can all be used for sitting as well as hiding what you need to store. For example, a coffee table with a storage unit can be used to house games, puzzles, and toys for the kids to reduce clutter in your home. 

Small Item Storage

In a small space like a mobile home, keeping small items organized can be a challenge. You can use small baskets, clear storage containers, and drawer organizers in the pantry, bedroom, living room, and bathrooms. This way, you can store smaller items by grouping them together in these smaller containers. 

For example, you can store your toiletry items in the bathroom in clear plastic containers to keep hair care items together, makeup together, etc. Keeping things organized is essential when you are living in small spaces.

Other Tips for Mobile Home Storage

Beyond investing in smart storage and organization methods, there are other ways you can maximize the space in your mobile home. 

Embrace Minimalism

Too often in our modern world, we focus on accumulating things rather than what really matters. There’s nothing wrong with holding onto your possessions that make you happy, but we often have more than what we really need. Moving into a mobile home can be a good opportunity to donate items you no longer need or want, allowing you to help others while freeing up more space in your new home. 

Place Furniture Strategically

Furniture placement can make a big difference in terms of how much of your space is usable. A couch in the middle of the living room can significantly cut down on how well you can move around your home, for example. When you first move in, try placing your furniture in a variety of different ways to see which layout best maximizes your space. 

Add a Mirror

If you want a room to feel more spacious, mounting a mirror on the way is an excellent way to do so. Choose a large mirror to add to the largest wall. This reflects light and creates the illusion of a larger room. 

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