Trey Franklin Braustin Homes Service Manager
September 22, 2021

Meet the Team : Trey Franklin

Meet Trey Franklin! He currently serves our customers as the Service Team Leader and has been with Braustin Homes since April of 2021. For about six months now, Trey has been an integral part of our team, and we are so excited to share his experience thus far!

This blog is based on the interview from this video, feel free to check it out or read along below.

The following transcript has been lightly edited for clarity purposes.

My name is Trey Franklin, and I am the Service Manager here at Braustin Homes.

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Tell Us About Your Experience Prior to Braustin.

Before Braustin, I owned a home remodeling company.

We did a lot of kitchen and bathroom models, as well as flipped investment properties for the company, and other investors in San Antonio.

The first house I ever flipped; the house was in rough shape.

There were major plumbing issues, and other things like that. We bought it from a family who was in financial distress, got them a sizable amount of money, and rehabbed the house.

It put them in a better spot, as well as fixed up a house in a neighborhood that needed it.

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So, How’d You Find Out About Braustin?

Jason and I grew up together, and went to the same high school.

Through social media, I followed the growth of the company and then, he reached out to me.

I thought it was a neat concept, and a more “modern” way to sell manufactured homes. The business model is really interesting.

Obviously, you see a lot of industries steering that way with cars and houses. I thought it was a cutting-edge idea when the opportunity came my way to join the company.

I thought it was a neat experience just jumping into it.

A little bit different of an industry, being that I mostly worked on houses that sat on foundation, or typically a little bit older that needed repairs and things like that.

These houses are new, and it’s just finishing it out, and then dealing with minor issues that come up here and there once the house comes into play.

How Does A Normal Day Look As A Service Manager?

My day to day right now, we are really busy with trim outs.

When the house is delivered and set, we go out and finish the inside and exterior seam of the house, when the sections are joined.

From time to time, we’ll get service calls and cosmetic things that we need to come out and fix, or address.

Just juggling those schedules as far as what team needs to be where, if they’re emergency services, and getting those taken care of right away.

Also, communicating with the factory if we need parts. A lot of it is just managing the teams, and just making sure they are in the right positions.

Can You Describe How You Lead Your Team to Success?

I like to keep it pretty relaxed.

I think it’s important to have fun at work. Then, also, work with people that you enjoy working with.

I try and team people up with people who have similar personalities, or similar life experiences, and things like that. I can tell that they’ll get along pretty well, just because these guys are working together most of the day, and sometimes overnight.

So, I think it’s super important to pair people up with similar personalities, or personalities that get along really well.

What’s Something You Really Enjoy Within Your Position?

A lot of times I like to be out in the field, if my schedule allows it, and working alongside them.

I think it’s BIG to show that I’m right there along with them.

If they need support, I have no problem stepping in, and helping as much as I can.

Any Preference On Vacation Destinations?

I was a history major in college. Obviously, there’s a ton of history in Europe. I’d like to go to Italy, just food wise.

My wife loves the beach.

I’m not a big of a fan of the beach, I’d prefer the mountains and snow. We’ve done that, too, but my girls prefer the beach. Got to make them happy.

With two little girls and a wife at home, they’re the bosses!

Any Pets?

We just got a dog, he’s probably nine months old.

They call him an “Aussie Doodle.” He is half Australian Shepherd and half Poodle.

He’s gray, black, and white. He’s really smart. His name is Mox.

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Are You Going Book A Trip To Space, And Why Or Why Not?

Yeah… there’s no way.

I’d have to be heavily sedated, strapped down, and probably have an IV drip that continuously… so, no.

Not happening.

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