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August 29, 2023

Mobile Home Cost in Texas in 2023

In Texas’s vast and diverse landscape, it has become increasingly common for prospective homeowners to buy a mobile home. This surge in popularity isn’t just a fleeting trend; mobile homes offer practical benefits. They provide affordable housing options, flexibility, and, in many cases, the same amenities as traditional homes. Beyond these advantages, they represent a unique blend of independence and community, often nestled in dedicated parks with shared amenities. However, with such an array of options available, potential buyers need to understand the average cost of a mobile home in Texas. A clear grasp of the price breakdown ensures an informed and confident purchase decision.

Mobile Home Price Data: 2023

Check out our easy-to-read list view if you want a quick rundown of mobile home costs. We used the latest United States Census Bureau data to give you the most up-to-date information. As a reminder, New Mexico is located in the southern region of the United States.

United States

  • Average: $124,700
  • Single Wide: $85,200
  • Double Wide: $155,400


  • Average: $123,800
  • Single Wide: $80,800
  • Double Wide: $153,100


  • Average: $135,200
  • Single Wide: $100,600
  • Double Wide: $172,900


  • Average: $109,400
  • Single Wide: $88,600
  • Double Wide: $152,000


  • Average: $140,800
  • Single Wide: $94,900
  • Double Wide: $162,000

Cost of a Mobile Home by Region: Expanded Explanation

The average cost of a mobile home in the United States is $124,700. When we break this down into types, a single wide mobile home averages $85,200, while a double wide fetches around $155,400. Regional differences, influenced by factors like land prices, demand, and local economies, create variances in these averages.

Now, focusing on the South, where Texas lies, the mobile home landscape presents intriguing data. The South has an average mobile home cost of $123,800, closely aligned with the national average. Single wide homes are relatively more affordable, averaging $80,800, making them the least expensive compared to other regions. The double wide homes, priced at $153,100, are just slightly below the national average as well. 

In the Northeast, mobile homes are generally pricier. The region sees an average total cost of $135,200. Single wide homes cost about $100,600, and for those seeking more space with double wide homes, the price rises to an average of $172,900. The elevated prices in the Northeast can be attributed to higher land costs, especially in states like New York and Massachusetts, and the increased demand due to limited space.

The Midwest, known for its vast plains and agricultural heartland, presents a more economical picture for mobile home buyers. The average price for mobile homes here stands at $109,400. Single wide homes, ideal for individuals or small families, average $88,600, whereas doublewide homes, which offer more space, come in at around $152,000.

Lastly, the West, with its diverse landscapes ranging from coastal California to the deserts of Arizona, has the highest average mobile home prices, standing at $140,800. Single wide homes here are priced at $94,900, and double wide homes average $162,000. The high cost can be attributed to skyrocketing land prices in states like California and the growing demand for double-wide mobile homes in this region.

Texas, positioned in the South, offers a compelling proposition for those considering mobile homes. Its prices, especially for single wide homes, are among the most affordable in the nation. The value proposition becomes even clearer when juxtaposed against the pricier Northeast and West. The cost of a mobile home in Texas showcases the state’s balance of economic growth, available land, and the lure of the South-Central region. As the trend of mobile living continues to grow, Texas stands out as a beacon for those seeking value and opportunity.

The Basics of Mobile Home Costs

A mobile home is a prefabricated structure built in a factory on a permanently attached chassis before being transported to its site. These homes are built to be mobile, although once they’re set up, they often remain in one place permanently, anchored to the ground on their plots.

Mobile homes come in varying sizes and layouts, affecting their overall cost. The primary categorizations include:

  1. Single Wide Mobile Homes: These are typically narrower, with a more elongated layout. They’re easier to transport and are often cheaper than their double wide counterparts. On average, the cost can range from $80,800 to over $100,000, depending on the model, manufacturer, and included features.
  2. Double Wide Mobile Homes: As the name suggests, these homes are almost double the width of single wides. They offer more space, often featuring three to four bedrooms and multiple bathrooms. This added space and complexity mean a higher price tag, generally falling between $100,000 to $250,000.

Factors Affecting Mobile Home Prices in Texas

  • Location: Texas, vast in its geographical spread, has price variations from region to region. For instance, a mobile home close to Austin’s hustle and bustle might fetch a premium over one in San Antonio, Texas.
  • Size and Floor Plan: A home’s cost invariably rises with its size. A three-bedroom design will be pricier than a one-bedroom variant. Similarly, unique layouts or those with additional bathrooms can inflate costs.
  • New vs. Used: With its untouched appeal, a brand-new mobile home will command a higher price than a pre-owned model. However, if well-maintained, used homes can offer substantial value for money.
  • Customization and Features: Personal touches, like a revamped kitchen, modern appliances, or integrated entertainment systems, can escalate the price. However, they also enhance living experiences.
  • Brand and Manufacturer: Just as in the automobile world, the brand matters in mobile homes, too. Renowned brands, known for their quality and after-sales service, might have a steeper price tag. In Texas, some brands have carved a niche, gaining trust and thereby influencing pricing.

Additional Costs to Consider

While the base price of a mobile home can provide an initial gauge of affordability, various ancillary costs play a crucial role in determining the overall financial commitment. Here’s a deeper look into these significant expenses:

  • Land Purchase or Rent: If you’re considering purchasing land in Texas, costs can vary dramatically based on proximity to urban centers or scenic spots. In contrast, renting a spot in a mobile home park might be more economical upfront but can entail monthly fees and less autonomy over the land. In some cases, you can save time and money by buying a mobile home that includes land.
  • Transportation and Setup: Once your mobile home is constructed, it needs a final resting place. Transporting it, especially over long distances, incurs expenses. Moreover, the setup process, involving anchoring the home, connecting utilities, and ensuring stability, carries its own fees.
  • Utilities and Maintenance: Getting your mobile home up and running involves initial utility connection fees. Over time, monthly bills for water, electricity, and sewage come into play. Like all homes, mobile homes require upkeep. Routine maintenance, from fixing leaks to repainting exteriors, can add up over the years.
  • Insurance and Taxes: Protecting your mobile home with the right insurance policy is essential. Insurance costs for mobile homes in Texas vary based on home size, location, and value. Additionally, while mobile homes might have different tax implications than traditional homes, they’re not exempt from property taxes. The rate can differ based on the home’s location within the state.
  • Financing and Interest Rates: If you’re considering a loan to finance your mobile home, it’s pivotal to factor in the interest. Current rates in Texas are influenced by economic conditions and individual creditworthiness.

Mobile Home Cost in Texas: Tips for Getting a Great Price

Embarking on the journey to own a mobile home in Texas offers both freedom and a sense of community. But, ensuring that this exciting venture is manageable for your finances is essential. Here are some tailored strategies to help you save on your Texas mobile home purchase:

  • Seek Bundle Deals: Some mobile home dealers or parks go beyond just selling the home. They might offer comprehensive deals that include the home, setup services, initial maintenance, and even amenities. For example, at Braustin Homes, we offer delivery, upgrades, site work, and even a design-your-own-home feature.
  • Invest in a Warranty: While this might seem like an additional upfront cost, a good warranty can save significant amounts in the long run. It offers protection against potential defects or issues that can arise with your mobile home. By safeguarding against unforeseen repair expenses, a warranty can ensure peace of mind and long-term financial savings.
  • Buy Online: The digital age has transformed how we shop, and mobile homes are no exception. Platforms like Braustin offer mobile homes for sale online, often at competitive prices. These online platforms can provide a broader range of choices, promotions, and customization.
  • Buying During Sale Periods or Off-Seasons: Like many other industries, the mobile home market has peak and off-peak periods. Purchasing during sale seasons or off-peak times can lead to considerable discounts. 

Final Thoughts

Understanding the factors that contribute to the cost of a mobile home in Texas is essential for potential homeowners. It’s more than just the upfront price; it’s about recognizing the ancillary costs, leveraging opportunities to save, and making informed decisions that suit both lifestyle desires and financial realities. As the mobile home trend continues to grow in popularity, arming oneself with this knowledge ensures a smooth, rewarding, and economically sound journey into mobile living in the heart of Texas.
At Braustin Homes, we pride ourselves on offering fair prices on top-notch mobile homes. You can shop for your new home online and even design your own. Because we ship the mobile home straight to you without stopping at various dealerships, we’re able to keep the cost of buying a mobile home lower than our competitors.

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