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February 10, 2023

Mobile Home Maintenance Checklist 

Have you kept up with routine maintenance with your mobile home?

We’ve all seen one too many old and dirty mobile homes that look like they would fall apart with a gust of wind! The skirting falling off, the roof in terrible condition, you can only imagine how they look on the inside! Maintenance has obviously been on the back burner with these mobile homes!  

Mobile home maintenance is crucial for many reasons. Routine maintenance helps your mobile home maintain its value and extends the life of your mobile home for years to come. Who doesn’t like more equity and a lesser chance of expensive repairs in the future? If that’s you, then stick around, we’re going to share areas of your mobile home you should perform maintenance on each year and how to take care of them!

Maintain Your Mobile Home’s Skirting

Most people are probably familiar with mobile home skirting. It is most commonly made of vinyl and its purpose is to protect the space under the mobile home from animals, and any weather elements. 

Examine your skirting at least once a year for cracks or holes that could allow moisture or pests into your mobile home. You don’t want cracks or holes in your skirting, but you do want it to be properly ventilated. Skirting venting should occupy approximately one square foot for every 150 square feet of space beneath your mobile home. Too much moisture, whether from skirting damage or a lack of ventilation, can cause problems with the foundation, flooring, and other areas. If you notice any problem areas, get them addressed as soon as possible!

Roof Maintenance is a Must!

As mobile homes age, its roof typically suffers wear and tear. If your mobile home has a flat roof, you must reseal or recoat it on a regular basis. Roof inspections are even recommended by professionals once a year. It is also a great idea to have your roof inspected following any major storms or other severe weather

Any damage or weak points in your roof could allow moisture, air, or even rodents to enter your home. Roof maintenance on your mobile home will help to protect it for many years.

Keep an Eye on Your Foundation

It is imperative that you check the level of your mobile home’s foundation every year. Over time, mobile homes can settle. If a mobile home is not properly leveled, it can cause a variety of problems, including door and window malfunctions, cracks in the walls, and leaks.

Using a simple water level is good enough, and if you do notice any issues, it is wise to get professional help immediately, to avoid any major issues in the long run! 

Vinyl Siding Maintenance Keeps Your Mobile Home Looking Sharp!

You’ve probably seen quite a few mobile homes that appear neglected because they have never been cleaned on the exterior! For some reason, this is a common mobile home maintenance task that is usually ignored. Cleaning your siding on a regular basis is also important for avoiding mildew and mold on your home’s exterior paneling. 

Tackling this task once a year can definitely make a huge difference, and it can be a simple maintenance task instead of an overwhelming chore. If the build-up is mild, water and dish detergent/soap will do the trick! 

Maintain Your Mobile Home’s Gutters to Prevent Damage

Regularly inspecting and cleaning your gutters is an easy way to help prevent roof and exterior damage to your mobile home. If you ignore this task for too long, your gutters may break due to debris buildup. In the event that they fall, they can cause damage to other parts of your home.

You can end up with debris in your gutters even if you don’t live near large trees or structures. It is important to clean them out in the spring and before winter if you live in an area that gets a lot of rain, snow, or high winds.

Don’t Wait to Start Maintenance!

With proper maintenance and care, your mobile home can last for many decades! With a few exceptions, such as skirting and roofing, the maintenance is essentially the same as for a stick-built home.

It is better to take care of preventative maintenance with your mobile home to keep it in tip-top shape than to neglect what may seem like minor issues here and there, which can become big problems down the road!

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