The three Piña brothers gathered for Jason's wedding.
April 11, 2017

Remembering the “Austin” in Braustin

A Mobile Home Memorial to Our Brother

For the city of San Antonio, April marks the celebration of Fiesta. A month-long party that highlights the vibrant community of our town and honors the memory of the heroes at the Alamo. For our family, this is the month to honor the memory of our brother, Jonathan. Jonny’s birthday is April 19th. Sadly, he passed after a motorcycle accident less than a week before his 25th birthday, so this month carries many emotions with it.

There are obvious feelings of longing and sadness this April as we count by the second anniversary of his passing. To me, however, it felt like our family focused more on the happier memories this year. The most vocal of our family, the children, recount stories of “Uncle Jonny” frequently. Naturally, he was a child at heart, so his nieces and nephew were very fond of him. Our Nana tells stories of her neighbor when we go to visit. Our brother owned a house right next door to her and even in her 90s, she remembers his visits, vividly.

For Jason and I, we remember our brother this year while building a lasting memory of his name and dreams. Jonathan also worked with us, helping families get into factory-built homes and he too believed that the potential home buyers in the mobile home industry – deserved better. When Jason and I founded Braustin Homes in January of this year, we developed our concept around many of Jonny’s ideas regarding upfront pricing and an education-focused sales approach.

We chose the name Braustin for our company to keep the idea of family close to our hearts. Both Jason and my middle name begin with Br. This week, we will both work at serving the families that call on us to honor our brother, Jonathan Austin Piña.

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