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June 9, 2023

5 Signs Your Mobile Home Needs Leveling

Maintaining a level mobile home is a critical factor in routine maintenance as a mobile homeowner.

It’s critical to understand when releveling your mobile home is required. You can avoid potential long-term harm or even catastrophe by being aware of the signs that indicate it’s time to relevel.

Pro tip: The soil that is obstructing the foundation is typically the cause of an unlevel mobile home. 

Over time, mobile homes gradually begin to settle and become uneven. It can cause cracks in the walls and make the floorboards squeak because of the gaps it leaves behind. So, what to do? Well, we’re glad you joined us! We want to share with you five signs your mobile home needs leveling. 

Let’s get started!

How Often Should I Check if My Mobile Home is Level?

About once a year, it’s crucial to check that your mobile home is level. 

The level of your home may change as a result of severe weather, such as prolonged periods of rain or snow, so you should check it after the coast is clear. 

Aside from that, if you’ve just moved your mobile home to a new location, you should always make sure it’s level before settling in. It’s really easy to verify with a water level or even just your eye alone. 

Doors & Windows Don’t Operate Properly

This is a telltale sign! 

Examining the doors and windows of your mobile home will easily reveal whether or not it is level. The doors and windows of a mobile home that isn’t level don’t close completely. They frequently protrude or can even swing wide open. 

However, before drawing any conclusions, you should first try adjusting the door and window hinges. And if the issue persists, you know you have a problem on your hands!

Walls & Ceilings Develop Cracks When Your Mobile Home Isn’t Level

When the walls and ceilings of your mobile home start to crack, this is another indication that it isn’t level. It could all begin with a tiny hairline crack that you wouldn’t even notice. But over time, that crack lengthens and widens, making it obvious that there is a problem with your mobile home.

The Flooring Shows Signs of Warping

If you notice that your flooring is bowing or buckling, the ground beneath your mobile home may have moved. If the foundation supporting the mobile home shifts in any way, the floors may begin to become uneven. You may even hear squeaking when walking across the floor. If your mobile home doesn’t get releveled soon, the pillars will break, causing severe damage.

Bulges or Cracks in the Skirting

The distance between the bottom of the house and the skirting can sometimes change as the house moves on its pier foundation. This can be observed as a wider gap than before, or occasionally the siding on the walls is crushed by pressure from the added weight of the house.

Tie-Down Straps Aren’t Tight Anymore

Foundation piers sinking into the ground are what lead to loose mobile home tie-down straps. There are times when the straps along one side of the house are tight while those on the opposite side are loose. This condition develops when the house begins to sag on its foundation piers.

What Do I Do Now?

The signs that your mobile home needs to be updated are fairly obvious. It’s time to act if you’re having any of the issues mentioned above before they get worse and cause you more problems! 

You might not want to take on this task yourself.

To keep your home level and in excellent condition for many years to come, it is best to hire a professional mobile home leveling service. They can make the necessary repairs and adjustments you need! 

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