concrete being leveled for a mobile home foundation
April 12, 2023

Understanding the Different Types of Mobile Home Foundations

Are you needing a better understanding of the different types of mobile home foundations?

If you’re new to the world of mobile homes, you are probably experiencing information overload! Especially when it comes to the planning and preparation of your new home being transported to your home site. The strength, stability, and safety of your home are all dependent on the foundation. It also keeps out moisture, pests, and the elements in addition to supporting and distributing the weight of the house. 

One of our goals at Braustin Homes is always to keep you informed and aware of your choices. So let’s go ahead and get into the different types of mobile home foundations so you can come to understand what may be best for you!

The Most Common Foundation for Mobile Homes: Pier and Beam

The most common (and one of the most affordable) foundation designs for mobile homes is the pier and beam system. With it, anchors are inserted into the ground to secure the house and shield it from the wind. Next, the main beam of the house’s steel frame is connected to the anchors by steel straps. 

The foundation is made more stable by the cross-members that connect those beams. Outriggers are then attached to the steel beams by welding them for added support and strength. 

Take note: Your home will also be raised off the ground and have skirting, which is a dead giveaway that you have a mobile home. (Some may be bothered by this, but most people don’t care!)

Slab Foundation

Slab foundations are typically the most inexpensive type of foundation for mobile homes. They are essentially a large slab of concrete that serves as a structural foundation, with the house raised above to create a small crawl space below. Unlike traditional site-built homes, the slab for a mobile home is used as a platform rather than the floor. 

The installation process is pretty simple since the mobile home can be driven over the slab and the connection is quickly made. Mobile homes must be firmly fixed to slab foundations; typically, this is accomplished by driving anchors into the concrete. After that, the anchors are bolted or welded to the house. 

Basement Foundation

Basement foundations are by far the most expensive option. While it may be more expensive, it gives your mobile home a solid foundation, but it also gives you more room for living or storage. These are some pretty big bonuses! 

They act as a permanent foundation and are the most effective in resisting high winds. The basement foundation is a big investment, but not one you would regret!

Crawl Space

A crawl space foundation, (or pit foundation), is similar to a basement. In terms of the price range, it is in the middle. It is typically constructed with poured concrete footers that go into the ground and anchor the mobile home down, and it has an excavated floor. The home is then supported by piers that are strategically positioned for support points and are unique to each home, resting on a perimeter wall.

If your lot slopes, this foundation may work well because it can be adjusted to fit the space. It’s important though to be aware that it might not be the best choice for hurricane– or flood-prone areas.

The Bottom Line

The foundation you choose for your mobile home is just as crucial as the home itself. Determine your spending limits and the ideal foundation for you based on the land, location, and financing requirements. Permanent foundations are a more pricey option, but they can give you more stability both physically and financially. 

If you have any other questions or concerns, know that you aren’t alone. Speak with a member at Braustin Homes today!

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