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June 6, 2023

Surprising Facts About Manufactured Homes You Need to Know

When researching manufactured homes, it is easy to become confused with the variety of information and not to mention the fake news…  

It seems everyone has an opinion about manufactured homes (also known as mobile homes),  whether they have owned one or not. You will usually have someone tell you it’s a terrible idea to purchase one, or, on the other hand, it’s an affordable and great route to homeownership. 

So, in this web of confusion and endless opinions, what’s true? 

Well, that’s why we’re here! There are some surprising facts about manufactured homes you need to know, and we’re here to clear up all the confusion and stigma that are attached.

Are you ready? Let’s get to it! 

Manufactured Homes Must Follow Federal Regulations

One of the most commonly held beliefs about manufactured homes is that they are inferior to traditional housing in terms of construction quality. People believe that these houses are thrown together with no integrity and are simply a sad excuse for a “house.” 

Well, hear us out. You may be surprised that this is not a fact. It couldn’t be further from the truth for manufactured homes! 

Before 1976, these “trailer homes” or “mobile homes” were built to be moved and weren’t regulated too much by the government. But post-1976, manufactured homes have been held to HUD standards and must comply with all federal guidelines when built in a climate-controlled facility. A manufactured home is built in a factory and comes with a steel chassis and wheels for transportation. The manufacturer then delivers it to the buyer’s chosen home site. The wheels will then be removed, and it is unlikely to be moved again.

One last thing, call them what you wish! Mobile home or manufactured home. Once you know more about manufactured homes today, the stigma usually disappears. 

The Desirability of Manufactured Homes Has Grown and Will Continue to Grow

Many hard-working Americans just don’t stand a chance with the state of the housing market. But don’t we all deserve the opportunity to become homeowners? 

Manufactured homes are a great option for people looking for efficient, flexible, and affordable housing all over the world. Furthermore, manufactured homes are popular among people of all ages and income levels, and mobile home communities continue to meet a wide range of housing needs. 

Manufactured homes have indeed provided aspiring homeowners with the opportunity to achieve their dreams! Let us also add that they don’t have to miss out on features you will find in site-built homes. This brings us to our next point!

Manufactured Homes Have Customizable Options

Yes, you heard that right!

 When you go to a retailer to look at manufactured homes, there is more than what you see. The exterior and interior of manufactured homes are available in a variety of materials, colors, and design options. This allows for significant customization!

You will be pleasantly surprised to see the variety of floorplans available, whether it be a single-wide or a double-wide mobile home. What’s even better is that there are floor plans that can be modified to a degree to accommodate your needs. 

You have options for everything from flooring to countertops and more! Some people believe that manufactured homes are only for low-income buyers. The truth is, many high-quality manufactured homes look exactly like traditional construction in terms of material and interior design. Furthermore, a manufactured home can be completed in a fraction of the time it takes a site-built house!

Manufactured Homes are Indeed Safe!

When properly installed and maintained, mobile homes provide a safe and secure place to live, even during extreme weather events. The HUD Code’s stringent regulations, combined with the fact that manufactured homes are built with many of the same materials as traditional stick-built homes, ensure that manufactured homes have the structural integrity to withstand extreme weather events such as storms. 

So, anyone who thinks mobile homes are immediate death traps just doesn’t understand how these homes are different today!

It’s also important to recognize the fact that a tornado is no respecter of houses. Let’s be realistic, then. A mobile home is a perfectly safe place to live. But of course, there are times when evacuation is the best choice for any family. This can be the case whether they live in a site-built home or a manufactured home. 

The Bottom Line

Manufactured homes are no less of a “home” than a traditional site-built home.

Those who hold onto preconceived notions and stigmas are truly missing out on a great opportunity! 

After all of these surprising facts about manufactured homes that we shared with you, you can probably see how they have given families a chance to live in a comfortable home at a fraction of the cost. If you see the significant advantage of owning a manufactured home and are interested in the options available for you, then you need to give our team at Braustin Homes a call! We can’t wait to assist you in the process of mobile homeownership!

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