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January 13, 2023

Home Ownership Made Affordable

Home ownership is made affordable at Braustin Homes.

If you are an aspiring homeowner, you’ve probably looked at a few options during your home ownership journey. For one, apartment living is cramped, lacks a feeling of stability, and is expensive. You’re essentially throwing away your hard-earned money when paying your landlord. Secondly, you look into stick-built homes and realize how unrealistically high the prices have become. 

At last, you’ve moved past the preconceived notions you may have had of mobile homes, realize just how far they have come in the last decade, and find that a mobile home is an exciting, tangible, and sustainable option! 

Let’s get into more detail about how far mobile homes have come and how they have made homeownership affordable for so many people!

Mobile Homes Have Earned Respect!

Most individuals assume that manufactured homes are simply mobile homes with a different name. And they are largely correct, BUT they have evolved. 

Technically, “mobile homes” are homes built prior to 1976 when the government had no building regulations for trailers. From 1976 on, the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) established mobile home safety guidelines that greatly increased the durability and safety of mobile homes; factory-built homes after this date are called “manufactured homes.”

There is also a vast amount of diversity in mobile homes now. The floor plans, finishes, and floor plans offered can come close to, if not completely mimic, that of a stick-built home. The days of plain and boring mobile homes are over, the modern mobile homes of today are customizable and open to reflect your individual taste in many ways!

Mobile Homes Make Home Ownership Possible & Affordable! 

One advantage of purchasing a mobile home is that they are frequently a less expensive option than having a stick-built home custom-built for you. As a result, mobile homes make homeownership possible for many Americans. Additionally, because mobile homes are typically less expensive per square foot than stick-built homes, you can get more space for less money. 

The majority of homeowner’s savings originate from the factory because these factories are able to purchase large numbers of its products, appliances, and materials at cheaper costs than a typical on-site contractor. In addition, manufactured homes are built on assembly lines, which are more efficient and controlled than on-site construction. 

Too often, on-site construction projects are hindered by bad weather, theft of building materials, and defacement, not to mention the complications that can arise between agreements with contractors and subcontractors. Labor costs are also kept down by factories managing their employees effectively.

While buying a mobile home is the cheaper option, you can also benefit from living in a mobile home community if you would prefer less maintenance and work for yourself. While an attractive option for retirees, these special communities can handle expenses such as lawn maintenance, trash removal, and other on-site repairs for their residents. These communities provide a high-quality way of living!

Are You Ready? Braustin Homes Makes Home Ownership Affordable

It goes without saying that mobile homes aren’t what they used to be, and whatever myths or rumors you have heard about them are the furthest thing from the truth! Mobile homes are safe, durable, comfortable, customizable, and most importantly affordable! No need to search for outrageously priced stick-built homes, because there is a mobile home out there that can meet all your needs. Reach out to Braustin homes today.

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