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May 17, 2023

3 Tips for Pet-Proofing Your Mobile Home

Are you needing some tips for pet-proofing your mobile home?

Whether you are a seasoned pet owner or new to the game, preparing your home for your furry friend can take some thoughtful planning. You want to keep your pet safe, and you want to take care of your new home as well. With a lack of planning and pet-proofing, your pet could take over… This could mean getting into unsafe situations and/or tearing up your home.

So how can you go about keeping your pet safe, and your belongings intact? Well, we’re here to help! Here are 3 tips for pet-proofing your mobile home.

Install Cabinet Latches: They Aren’t Just for Children!

Your pet is probably more intelligent than you give them credit for! The last thing you want is for them to get into your food or any toxic chemicals because of their keen sense of smell, which can cause them to snoop through cabinets. With that being said, try installing childproof latches! 

Yes, childproof latches work great for pets, too!  

Taking this measure can prevent your pet from being able to open cabinets with their noses and paws.

Bonus: they’re fairly simple to install! 

While keeping any dangerous chemicals out of lower cabinets is still a good idea, pet-proofing your mobile home with these extra security measures is a wise move.

Offer Toys and Pet-Friendly Items

Let’s face it. A bored pet is a curious pet!

A dog who is under-stimulated and/or frequently left alone may start chewing. By providing your dog with something pet-friendly to chew on, you can keep your furniture and other possessions safe in your mobile home. Whether it be ]chew toys, an enrichment exercise, and chew-safe bones. (The bigger the bone, the more productive energy is used by your pup!)

For cat owners, some items to consider would be a scratching post or a tower for perching, playing, and curiosity. 

Invest in a Gate (Or Multiple Gates!)

Putting up gates is probably one of the quickest fixes when it comes to pet-proofing your mobile home. It’s crucial to block off any areas of your home that you don’t want your pet to enter. This is especially true in areas where there are objects that could be dangerous or even poisonous. Investing in a gate or exercise pen to establish some boundaries would be a simple way to avoid these unsafe situations.

A gate or pen can also be a useful tool in helping your pet adjust to your mobile home. It would allow them to familiarize themselves with different areas of the home at a time and not be so bombarded with change. 

Pet-Proofing Your Mobile Home Can Be as Simple as You Make It

Pet-proofing your home may seem like a tedious and unnecessary task. But hey, it can be easy! Without spending any money at all, you can simply go through your home and recognize items that would be prone to accidents and make them inaccessible to your pet. 

While there are endless ways to go about protecting your pet and your space, these were just 3 tips to help you pet-proof your mobile home. At the end of the day, we all want to protect both our homes and our pets from harm!

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