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May 31, 2023

Transform Your Mobile Home Patio into the Ultimate Summer Entertaining Space

As summer approaches, many homeowners are imagining the days they will turn their patio into an ultimate summer hangout.

Not much can top a relaxing evening of good food, great conversation, and fun with loved ones. But the question is, how do you go about transforming your mobile home patio into the perfect space for entertaining guests? 

There’s good news! We want to share with you some ways you can transform your mobile home patio into the ultimate entertaining space. Let’s start right now! 

Begin With a Clean & Decluttered Space

Before releasing your creative ideas to run wild, give outdoor surfaces and furniture a good cleaning. This way, the most time-consuming part of the preparation is done, and you’ll only need to touch up things later. 

Power wash surfaces such as decks or patios, or if you don’t have access to power washing equipment and are on a tight budget, simply sweep floors and fill a bucket with soapy water and spot-scrub problem areas. If your decks need to be refinished, consider having that done as well. 

Decluttering your mobile patio is also a good idea, and it’s a great time to reevaluate what you need and don’t need. That way you have a clean slate to work with when implementing your vision!

Determine Seating & Acquire Additional Chairs if Needed

To avoid fumbling for extra seating on the day of a gathering, assess your seating options ahead of time! This will give you enough time to fill in the gaps or borrow as needed.

If you anticipate the need to accommodate more people than expected, gather any lightweight chairs such as folding chairs, (which are super easy to store). 

You can always keep extra chairs stored away and bring them out as needed!

Set Up Proper Lighting

Outdoor gatherings usually begin in the evening and run into the darker hours, so you will need to plan some lighting for your space. 

A simple way to instantly transform your mobile home deck or patio is to hang some string lights. There is no better way to create ambiance than with string lights!

Consider some battery-operated candles as well for any surface to use after the hot summer sunsets, as opposed to real flame candles, so you can be worry-free and avoid accidents. 

If you live in an area that is very mosquito-prone, then it’s a wise choice to purchase some citronella candles or tiki torches and have them placed strategically. The last thing you want for you and your guests is to be swatting at mosquitoes all night!

You’re on Your Way to Creating the Ultimate Summer Entertaining Space!

See, anyone can do it! With a little creativity, you can make your mobile home patio function while looking great (and not break the bank!) If you really have a knack for design, try positioning some outdoor accent or area rugs for an extra layer of coziness. You can also have an inexpensive fold-out table with a cloth over it, stocked with snacks and appetizers that guests can serve themselves! 

There really are endless ways and possibilities when it comes to entertaining your guests in the summer and creating a welcoming and functional space. With just the few we shared today, you’re on your way! 

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