Mobile Home Delivery on Base Pad
April 11, 2023

What is the Delivery Process Like for Mobile Homes?

It’s exciting to choose your mobile home, and you might be wondering what the delivery process looks like.

The last step before your dream of homeownership becomes a reality, the delivery is a surreal time. But is the delivery procedure that easy? Not exactly. 

Let’s go over everything you need to know as we walk you through the delivery process for your mobile home.

Site Preparation is Crucial to the Mobile Home Delivery Process

A local contractor will first make sure that the land is level and compacted before preparing it for your home. Additionally, he will see to it that the land is crowned for proper drainage. This would mean the ground slopes away from the house on all sides to keep water from collecting under the home.

Keep in mind, site preparation can look different for anyone!

Before constructing the foundation for the mobile home, the contractor will also be checking the type of soil on the land to determine the frost line and assess if any ground anchors will be needed.

Laying the Foundation for Your Mobile Home

The pier and beam foundation system is the standard foundation used for mobile homes. With this system, the footers that support the piers that give the house its structural stability are dug and filled with cement. Then, to further safeguard against pests, moisture, and allergens, a reinforced vapor barrier is laid on top of the footers. The beams needed to complete the pier and beam system are provided by the sturdy steel frame of your house.

At this time, you would need to make arrangements for a different contractor to prepare the ground for the home’s utility connections and dig and install any necessary septic systems or wells. Additionally, you should get ready for the construction of your driveway and any other necessary improvements to your land. When everything is finished, the most anticipated day will finally arrive, which is your home delivery!

Delivery Day: The Part of the Process You’ve Been Waiting For

Your home can only be transported to the final location once all of these steps above have been completed successfully. On the day of delivery, as the homeowner, your only concern is… to let the experts handle everything!

The construction crew will use a jack and rolling system or craning depending on the layout of your land to place your home on the foundation once it has arrived at the site. Your mobile home will be connected to the water and electrical grids by plumbers and electricians. The home is then anchored with tie downs and joined together if it’s a double-wide or multi-sectional home. Due to the tie-down and anchor system, your home will be more wind resistant and better equipped to handle storms.

Once your mobile home is set in place, these finishing touches should be made:

  • Utility connection
  • Test hookups
  • Install any other equipment and appliances.
  • Touch-ups to the interior in full
  • If you decide to add skirting, install exterior skirting

Your Dream is Now a Reality!

Our team at Braustin Homes, the delivery team, and the on-site crew all work together to make your dream of homeownership a reality. We will go above and beyond at every stage of the process to give you the best possible home and service. From choosing your home to getting your keys, we look forward to working with you to support your homeownership goals. If you are ready to begin this journey and nothing is stopping you, then don’t hesitate to speak with a member at Braustin Homes today!

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