The Diaz Family Story

The thing that I liked about Braustin [was] they never left us. They were on the journey with us. They stood side by side.

Anna Diaz
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Before we met the Diaz family, other folks told them to give up, told them they won’t be able to put a new home on their property. What you may not see in the video about their story is that Anna Diaz is one of the most inspiring, enjoyable, and persistent people you could ever meet.

Anna had hope that she could give her family a new home, and Ruben Diaz stood there right alongside of her all the way. Anna held onto that hope even through struggles beyond the size of their lot, but they just kept plugging away, holding onto hope, striving for a better home for their family. (Keep Reading Below)

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Toward the end of their journey, Jason at Braustin Homes was invited to their housewarming party. He had a ton of fun. There were so many people at the party, you would think the Diaz family was a friend to half the folks in town.

Jason also loved the authentic street tacos they kept serving him. Jason told us, “They had the most amazing tacos, like the ones I loved in the Valley when I lived out there.”

It wasn’t just the taste of the tacos, but the hospitality of the Diaz family. Jason shared, “They were so welcoming and inviting. I kept on getting plate after plate of tacos shoved in my hand and being told to eat more.” Needless to say, Jason was stuffed and a few pounds heavier by the end of the day, but what really impressed him was their heart and hospitality behind those plates of tacos.

“They are an amazing family, and I still keep in touch with them to this day,” Jason added. Let’s be honest. While folks come to us for a home, they touch our lives as well. We are grateful for how our lives intersect and grow from our customers, many of whom also become our friends.If you were wondering, the Diaz family found their home dreams fulfilled with a Fleetwood Berkshire home.

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