The Ruiz Family Story

…I felt comfortable because you had all your prices online. It was not something I saw that was common. So I’m like, if these guys put everything online, that’s something different. I know what to expect…

Salomon Ruiz
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After moving to Texas after escaping from Hurricane Maria’s destruction in Puerto Rico, Salomon knew he needed a fresh start, a job, a vehicle, and most importantly a roof over his head. Knowing he didn’t have much in the beginning, he was very budget conscious, purchasing a compact vehicle to get around and staying in an RV until he found something more permanent for himself and, hopefully soon, his future wife, Jennifer.

After a rough start in Michigan, Salomon found work in West Texas, getting established before Jennifer made the leap of faith to follow him from Puerto Rico. While talking to the couple, and getting to know their history, we discovered that they actually grew up as neighbors, and never would have guessed that they’d be where they are today, happily married and living a dream that they planted together and grew from the ground up. (Keep reading the rest of the story below.)

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We had a great time working with Salomon and Jennifer, as they were very focused on their goal of becoming homeowners and knew what they wanted within their land home package, something cost effective that they could pay off within a shorter time. They ended up going with the Tru Homes – Glory.

We found them humble and strong-willed couple throughout the entire trying process, overcoming many obstacles and telling us they knew that this home and land was just meant to be. They were right. We were excited to see them start a brand-new chapter within just a few months from purchase to delivery.

The Ruiz Family is now living the American Dream of home ownership, and we are grateful they allowed Braustin to walk alongside them during their home buying journey.

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