The Ramos Family Story

… The personalized service that was given to us there at Braustin was unsurpassed by any other place…

Luis Ramos
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Teresa and Luis Ramos have been married for over 30 years, and through that time their family has grown large. They have children, grandchildren, and extended relatives who gather often in their home, so it was very important to them to find a place everyone in their family could feel at home in.

What we saw and appreciate about the Teresa and Luis is how they are constantly looking out for other people. They are definitely “take the shirt off their back” kind of folks, always looking for opportunities to provide comfort to someone else. They definitely have a very welcoming and kind in nature.

Yet, by the Ramos Family walked through our dealership doors, they look beaten down with only with only a slight a glimmer of hope remaining in their eyes and hearts. We could tell this hard-working couple had been through the ringer while visiting other dealerships before they found Braustin Homes.

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They said they visited about 20 different dealerships and just needed someone they could trust to build their dream. They already knew what they were looking for, what their budget was, and what space they needed to do what was the most important thing, inviting their extended family for regular visits.

Now it was time to make that dream become possible.

The buying process took the Ramos family about 2 months from purchase to delivery. The Ramos family ultimately settled on buying the Clayton Athens – Amelia. This double wide home is 28×68 ft, has 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and total of 1,790 sq. ft.

Teresa knew the Amelia was everything she had imagined for her family. Not only did it have the space to comfortably sleep her grandson and granddaughter in their own rooms for the first time in their lives, but it also had something special for her as well, the beautiful Victorian tub in her master bathroom.

Luis was sold when he saw the layout of the kitchen, and how open it was. The importance of being able to prepare food, cook, and feed his family is his top priority. He’s got to “feed the troops,” as he likes to say.

We were delighted to journey alongside the Ramos family on their home buying journey.They couldn’t be more deserving to see their dream become a reality, and it was truly a privilege for us to work with them.

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