Truth about TRU Homes
March 27, 2023

Are Tru Mobile Homes Any Good?

If you’ve seen the attractive price tags on TRU mobile homes, you are probably wondering, are TRU mobile homes any good?

Rest assured, there is no hidden agenda with these homes. TRU Homes mobile homes has one mission. Their mission is to create affordable and reliable homes for those who want a chance at homeownership. So, let’s put this to rest. TRU mobile homes are good, and we are going to tell you more about why you may want to consider purchasing one!

From Factory to Home Site 

TRU mobile homes are constructed in a completely enclosed factory where weather delays are avoided and building materials are not exposed to the elements. The TRU Homes manufacturing facility builds with precision, and extensive testing, and each phase is inspected to ensure each home complies with strict regulations. 

Just because the price is attractive, doesn’t mean that corners were cut! You can relax in your new TRU mobile home knowing that all of the extra steps have been taken before you even open the door. 

Why TRU Mobile Homes are Built to Last

As we mentioned above, there aren’t any shortcuts you have to worry about with the manufacturing process of TRU Mobile Homes. Let’s get into more detail about construction features that are sure to give you peace of mind:

  • Solid Steel I-Beam Foundation

Tru mobile homes are built with a steel beam foundation. As a result, you can feel good about your home!

  • Nylon-Reinforced Vapor Barrier

In addition to improving energy efficiency, vapor barriers cut utility bills and keep your home free of moisture, allergens, and pests.

  • Thick Insulation with Plumbing

A thick blanket of insulation covers your home to enhance energy efficiency and comfort. The plumbing is also covered in insulation, allowing them to keep a consistent water temperature and maintain a good temperature in heat and frigid cold temperatures! 

  • Walls Made to Last

TRU mobile homes are constructed with traditional side studs centered every 16″ resulting in more studs (and a sturdy build). You also get thick insulation giving you maximum energy efficiency.

  • Engineered Water-Resistant Flooring

No-wax flooring is sturdy and solid and makes clean-up a breeze and a strong base for your mobile home. The decking is interlocking as well, which means your floors will be level and structurally sound!

Sizes of TRU Mobile Homes

There is no doubt that TRU Homes offers some of the lowest prices in the manufactured housing industry. Whether you are looking for a single-wide or a double-wide mobile home, you are bound to find one that meets your needs for comfort, affordability, and livability!

TRU Single-Wide Mobile Homes 

Whether you are on your own and looking for a two-bedroom home, or you have a family that would fill up a four-bedroom, there are options for you!

  • TRU ”Grand”

The TRU “Grand” is currently the largest single-wide we carry right now. This model has a base price right now of $55,899 and is 1,309 square feet, has four bedrooms, and two bathrooms.  Your family will have ample space to stretch out in this model! 

  • TRU “Bliss”

On the other end of the spectrum, we have the TRU “Bliss”, which is the smallest single-wide we currently carry. The base price for this model is currently $43,499. The Bliss has 765 square feet, two bedrooms, and one bath. This is just enough for a couple or an individual who is living on their own and wants space for a home office or extra storage! 

TRU Double-Wide Mobile Homes 

Now, let’s up the ante and talk about double-wide mobile homes! 

  • TRU “Triumph”

The TRU “Triumph” is the largest double-wide model we carry right now. You won’t believe how spacious this 2,001-square-foot home feels once you get a look inside. With a base price of $99,899, and an unbelievable five bedrooms and three bathrooms, you won’t be short on space! 

  • TRU“Excitement” 

Now to the most affordable double-wide mobile home we offer by TRU, the Excitement! This floorplan is 1,159 square feet, with three bedrooms and two bathrooms, and a base price of $68,499. The Excitement is sure to be just enough space for a small family! 

You Can’t Go Wrong

In conclusion, TRU mobile homes are dealt the same amount of workmanship and extensive testing as any other mobile home. Now your job is to pick out the home that best suits your needs, and look forward to homeownership! 

Speak with a member at Braustin Homes today! We are always thrilled to assist our aspiring homeowners! 

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