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September 21, 2023

Mobile Home Wall Ideas: Transform Your Space with Paint, Wallpaper, and Decor

When it comes to mobile homes, the focus is often on floor plans, appliances, and outdoor spaces. However, an often-overlooked aspect that can significantly impact your home’s price and functionality is the type of wall finish. Understanding your wall type can open up a world of possibilities for interior decoration! In this article, we’ll explore various ideas for mobile home walls, including painting, applying wallpaper, and decorating. We’ll also explore the different wall finishes available and how they can influence your decorating choices.

Decorating Ideas Based on Mobile Home Wall Finish

When decorating your home’s walls, the wall finish will play a major role in your options.

Vinyl Over Gypsum (VOG)

VOG is a cost-effective and kid-friendly choice. The smooth surface can be easily wiped down, making it ideal for busy households.

Decorating Ideas for VOG:

  • Stencils: Use stencils to create patterns or murals. The smooth surface of VOG makes it easy to achieve clean lines. You can opt for geometric shapes for a modern look or floral designs for a more traditional feel.
  • Decals: Wall decals are another excellent option for VOG walls. They’re easy to apply and remove, offering a temporary decorating solution. From inspirational quotes to intricate designs, decals provide a wide range of options.
  • Chalkboard Paint: Given that VOG is easy to clean, you can use chalkboard paint to create a functional and fun wall where kids (and adults) can draw. This can be particularly useful in a kitchen for grocery lists or a child’s room for artistic expression.


This option is commonly found in most residential homes and gives a modern, clean finish. 

Decorating Ideas for Tape-and-Texture:

  • Accent Walls: Use bold colors or patterns to create an accent wall. The textured finish adds depth to the paint, making colors pop and providing a focal point for the room.
  • Floating Shelves: The sturdy nature of tape-and-texture walls allows for the installation of floating shelves, adding both storage and aesthetics. This can be particularly useful in small mobile homes where space is at a premium.

VOG and Tape-and-Texture Combo

This option combines VOG with tape-and-texture. Tape-and-texture is used in living areas for a modern look, while VOG is applied in places with plumbing.

Decorating Ideas for Mobile Home Combo Walls:

  • Themed Rooms: Use tape-and-texture for a sophisticated look in the living room and VOG in the kids’ rooms for practicality. This allows you to tailor each room to its specific needs and occupants.
  • Transitional Spaces: Use the different wall types to create transitional spaces. For example, a tape-and-texture wall could lead into a VOG wall, separated by a change in paint color or decorative molding. This can add a dynamic flow to your mobile home’s interior.

Mobile Home Painting Tips

A used paintbrush
  • Primer: Always start with a good primer, especially for VOG walls, to ensure the paint adheres well. This is crucial for long-lasting results.
  • Quality Paint: Invest in high-quality paint for durability and a better finish. Low-quality paint may require more coats and fade over time.
  • Tools: Use the right tools, like rollers for large areas and brushes for corners and details, to get a professional finish. Investing in good-quality brushes and rollers can significantly affect the final look.
  • Techniques: Consider using painting techniques like sponging or ragging for a unique look. These techniques can add texture and depth to your walls.

Wallpaper Ideas

  • Removable Wallpaper: Ideal for those who like to change things up frequently. It’s easy to install and remove without damaging the wall.
  • Textured Wallpaper: Adds an extra layer of depth and can be a great choice for tape-and-texture walls. This can mimic materials like brick or wood for a rustic look.
  • Pattern Matching: When using wallpaper, make sure to match the patterns at the seams for a seamless look. This requires careful planning and measurement but results in a professional finish.
  • Borders and Panels: Consider using wallpaper borders or panels for a less overwhelming effect. This can be particularly effective in smaller rooms or as an accent.

Decorative Elements

  • Mirrors: Use mirrors to make the space look bigger and to reflect light. This can be particularly useful in smaller single wide mobile homes.
  • Artwork: Choose artwork that complements the room’s wall color and overall theme. Consider using large or smaller pieces as focal points in a gallery wall arrangement.
  • Functional Decor: Think of wall-mounted lamps, hooks, and other functional elements that can also serve as decor. This is a great way to maximize space in a mobile home.
  • Textiles: Don’t underestimate the power of textiles like wall hangings or tapestries. They can add color, texture, and warmth to a room.

Seasonal and Holiday Decorating

One of the joys of having your own space is the ability to decorate for different seasons and holidays. Your wall type can influence how you go about this.

Seasonal Ideas for VOG Walls:

  • Temporary Wall Decals: Given the ease of cleaning VOG walls, temporary decals can be a great way to add a seasonal touch. Think snowflakes in the winter or leaves in the fall.
  • Magnetic Boards: Install a magnetic board to display seasonal artwork, photos, or even a calendar that you can update according to the season.

Seasonal Mobile Home Wall Ideas for Tape-and-Texture Walls:

  • Framed Art: Consider having framed art that you switch out according to the season. The texture of these walls can make the frames stand out even more.
  • String Lights: The sturdiness of tape-and-texture walls allows for more substantial decorations like string lights, which can add a cozy feel during the winter months.

Seasonal Ideas for Combo Walls:

Fabric banners can be a great way to add a festive touch. Use VOG walls for lighter banners and tape-and-texture walls for heavier, more elaborate ones.

Mobile Home Wall Decoration: Final Thoughts

The type of wall finish in your mobile home can significantly impact your decorating options. Whether you have vinyl over gypsum, tape-and-texture, or a combination of both, there are plenty of ways to make your walls look stunning. From paint and wallpaper to decorative elements, the possibilities are endless! So go ahead and unleash your creativity to make your mobile home truly your own. With the right approach, you can transform your mobile home walls into a canvas for your personal style.

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