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June 7, 2023

Expert Tips for Painting Vinyl Walls in Your Mobile Home

Did you know you can paint the VOG walls in your mobile home?

Believe it or not, you don’t have to be stuck with the color or pattern of your vinyl over gypsum walls. Maybe you like it, maybe you didn’t have a choice at all. But painting is the perfect solution if you want to freshen up your walls and give your mobile home a whole new look

With the right paint and tools, and the correct method, you will be on your way to your next DIY project. Are you ready? Here are some expert tips for painting vinyl walls in your mobile home.

Let’s get started!

Understanding VOG Walls in Mobile Homes

Instead of standard drywall, manufactured homes typically use vinyl-on-gypsum (VOG) wall panels. These vinyl-coated walls have a shiny finish, and a printed design layer is often applied over the gypsum and beneath the shiny vinyl topcoat. Manufacturers typically utilize VOG panels because they are lightweight and simple to install in the factory. Instead of using tape to cover the seams like drywall, batten strips are used to cover the joints during assembly.

Although the way VOG panels are manufactured and installed makes painting more difficult, you can still paint the walls to refresh the look. 

It is possible with determination and the proper method!

First Things First: Prep the Walls!

Before you begin painting your vinyl walls, you must first thoroughly clean the walls to remove any dirt or debris. To start, dust them with a soft cloth or brush. Then, using a mild soap and water solution, wash the walls. Before you begin painting, make sure all soap residue is removed and that the surfaces are completely dry and clean. 

Keep in mind: Vinyl walls are not always a perfectly smooth surface. They may have ridges or other flaws that must be sanded down before painting. Sanding must be done gently, and not too aggressively, otherwise, you will damage the walls. While this step may seem pretty time-consuming, your walls will look more like those in a traditional site-built home. You can completely skip this step too, if you don’t mind keeping the original texture!

Choosing the Appropriate Paint

Once you have a clean slate to work on, apply your primer to the walls with a paintbrush or roller (as directed by the manufacturer). When the primer has dried, you can begin painting the walls with the desired color.

Crucial tip: Make sure you purchase the right type of paint when painting your vinyl walls. Otherwise, if you use regular paint on the vinyl surface, it will peel! The proper paint for the job should be easy to find at most hardware stores. Read the label carefully to ensure that it works with the vinyl on your wall.

Don’t Rush the Process

Paint in as many even and thin layers as possible. This will ensure that there will be no dripping, bubbling, or peeling. While this slow-and-steady approach may take a little longer, it will be well worth it in the end! Don’t forget to let all of the paint completely dry before moving furniture back into its original location. You don’t want any accidents to ruin your hard work!

Get Painting! 

If your mobile home has vinyl walls, you may be wondering if you can paint them. As you can see, the short answer is yes! It isn’t as hard as it may seem if you take the appropriate steps in prep work to ensure your paint job adheres smoothly and beautifully. 

So, go ahead. Throw on some work clothes and get out your painting tools. Your next DIY project is waiting for you! 

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