Old Mobile Home with lots of problems.
June 21, 2023

4 Common Problems Found in Older Mobile Homes

An older mobile home can experience many problems, both visible and hidden.

Old mobile homes can be a savvy investment or, even better, an inexpensive solution to homeownership. After a mobile home has been lived in for years, and possibly decades, some common problems and repair issues may arise that investors or potential buyers should pay attention to. While most issues can be avoided, not every owner of a mobile home takes pride in their purchase and neglects their duties as a homeowner.

So to help you be aware, we want to share with you four common problems found in mobile homes. Let’s begin!

Water Leaks

Water leakage is one of the most common problems found in older mobile homes for many reasons, mostly as a result of outdated or damaged plumbing systems. There is also a lack of proper ventilation, which leads to increased condensation and humidity, as well as mold/water damage. A lack of maintenance on the roofing and siding can also allow water to enter the home, in addition to a lack of severe weather resistance, which can lead to leaks.

Regular maintenance and inspections can help prevent any leakage issues before they happen. Nevertheless, any time a leak is detected, it should be dealt with right away to prevent further damage!

Outdated Plumbing Systems

Until 1996, polybutylene (PB) pipes were the primary material used in all plumbing. So if you’re looking at an older mobile home that was built during this period, a PB water piping system may be a common problem found. 

Unfortunately, after 10-15 years, these systems are known to fail. Because parts for these systems are no longer manufactured, you cannot repair them if there is a leak or blockage. These pipes easily deteriorate and rupture without warning, so if this system is present in your mobile home, it is best to replace it with reliable PEX piping.

Poor Insulation is a Common Problem in Older Mobile Homes

There is far less insulation in older mobile homes, particularly those built before HUD standards were enforced. The amount of insulation used in these homes is determined by the thickness of the space that holds the insulation, which is quite limited.

The belly wrap, which can become damaged over time, holds the underfloor insulation in place. Plumbing repairs require cuts in this plastic sheeting, causing damage. Imagine what happens if the holes are never properly resealed. Critters will have a field day!

It’s a Common Finding to Have Damaged Skirting or a Lack Thereof in Older Mobile Homes

Skirting is only effective when it completely encloses the bottom of a mobile home without any openings. That’s its purpose! While weed eaters can cause minor cosmetic damage near the skirting’s base, the biggest issues arise when there is no skirting at all or when panels are missing, exposing the home’s underbelly and crawl space. 

Since skirting is second only to the roof in terms of protecting the loan collateral from damage, financial institutions require skirting to be fully installed on mobile homes before they will mortgage the property. Unfortunately, damaged skirting or no skirting is a common problem found in older mobile homes.

There is Still Hope With Older Mobile Homes!

This is true whether you plan to use an older mobile home as an investment property or a place to call home! Of course, the older the home, the more problems it will have that may not even be worth trying to fix. That’s no surprise; it’s to be expected! 

But some surprisingly well-maintained mobile homes out there would make a great purchase. Just keep in mind some of the common problems found in older mobile homes we shared today, which are just a few. It is also important to inspect the roof, siding, skirting, windows, and more. 

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