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May 2, 2023

Smart Solutions for Mobile Home Security

Are you in need of some smart solutions for mobile home security? 

You may have no reason to feel unsafe where you are, but let’s say you are deep in a rural area or “out in the middle of nowhere,” and it would give you a little extra peace of mind to implement some security measures for your mobile home. 

Older mobile homes (especially those built before 1976) have a reputation for not being as safe and secure as conventional site-built homes. But let’s stop right there! Today’s mobile homes are much more durable than those of the past. 

However, there are still plenty of extra security measures you can take to protect your loved ones, home, and precious valuables. Here are some smart solutions for mobile home security!

Outdoor Motion-Activated Lights

When combined with outdoor security cameras, motion-activated sensor lights outside your home can be a very effective way to deter potential criminals from approaching. Cameras make it simple for you to monitor and report any suspicious activity. They also deceive intruders into thinking someone is at home even when no one is.

Surveillance Cameras

A video surveillance camera can offer the utmost peace of mind if you’re adamant about mobile home security and want to have proof of any criminal activity. While some of these systems continuously record video, others have cutting-edge features like motion sensors, voice interaction, or timers for recording. 

Since any lawbreaker will want to avoid being caught on camera, cameras can help discourage criminal activity right away! 

Mobile Home Alarm System

Due to technological advancements, home alarm systems are another excellent security measure for mobile homes and frequently work in conjunction with surveillance systems. Alarms will frighten potential burglars and usually drive them away while also alerting you so you can call 911 right away. 

Installing Extra Locks

Even if you take the above precautions, it’s a good idea to install deadbolt locks on each exterior doorway to your home. These are most common in previously owned mobile homes. If your home only has knob locks, it’s worthwhile to spend the extra time and money to add deadbolt locks. Consider this an investment worth making that will bring you comfort and peace of mind as a homeowner. 

If you want to further reinforce the windows, you can also add additional specialized window locks, usually from the inside. Installing a dowel rod or “jammer” on your sliding glass door is also a great solution for extra reinforcement.

Equipping Your Lamps With Timers is an Inexpensive Step Towards Mobile Home Security

Burglars dislike any kind of attention, conflict, or confrontation in particular. This may result in them being seen or even recognized when they try to break into a house. With that being said, they don’t want to attempt a break-in when a person might be home! 

So, an easy step to take toward security within your mobile home is to equip your lamps with timers. Having your lamps on when you aren’t home at sundown or nighttime will give the illusion that you are home. This alone could deter criminal activity, to begin with!

Everyone Deserves a Mobile Home That’s Safe & Secure

For those looking to achieve the American dream of homeownership (at an affordable price), mobile homes can be a wonderful place to begin. Nevertheless, you should always go the extra mile to help ensure your family’s safety by adding security measures. With that being said, it’s worthwhile to spend money on some of these smart techniques for mobile home security!

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