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April 26, 2023

Innovative Storage Solutions for Your Mobile Home Kitchen

You may need some innovative storage solutions for your mobile home kitchen if you can’t find space for all of your kitchen supplies and food.

It’s not uncommon to be stuck in this predicament. After all, not everyone gets a kitchen with an oversized walk-in pantry! So, let’s be realistic here. The solution to excess kitchen supplies and clutter doesn’t always have to be a larger kitchen. It’s possible to work with what you’ve got and use your space more efficiently. That’s why you need some innovative storage solutions for your mobile home kitchen!

Let’s start now!

Maximize Space in Your Pantry

Your pantry will be what you make of it! If you use every square inch, you’ll gain more. This could mean incorporating an over-the-door rack for ingredients, a sturdy dispenser for soup cans, and baskets for produce and snack foods.

Utilize the Tops of Your Cabinets

The tops of your cabinets provide excellent space for storage in your mobile home’s kitchen. You can store special occasion serving trays and even extra pantry supplies up there if you don’t need them right away. Consider using some pretty baskets to conceal whatever you’re storing to avoid the appearance of clutter.

Hang What You Can

Anything that can be hung, including pots, ladles, and mugs, should be hung. Think about installing a magnetic strip for covered knives on your backsplash. Things can be hung up to save valuable counter and cabinet space. Additionally, your items kind of work like decor

Add Shelf Risers on Counters & in Cabinets

To make the most of the space in your cabinets, install shelf risers for plates, bowls, and cups.

To maximize the use of your counter and double the amount of storage space in your mobile home’s kitchen, you could even add some attractive shelf risers!

Make Your Stovetop & Sink Perform Double-Duty

Your stovetop is nothing but unused space while preparing dinner. It’s incredibly annoying, to put it mildly. We love the idea of creating burner covers out of cutting boards because of this. 

Voila, instant bonus counters! 

You can also place a sizable cutting board over half of your sink to create more storage space in your mobile home kitchen. Even better, by only covering half of the sink, you will still have access if you need to rinse anything.

Install Open Shelving

By adding open shelves, you can increase storage in your mobile home’s kitchen beyond cabinetry. With the help of this easy project, you can turn a barren section of the wall into a functional area for storing kitchenware, cookbooks, pantry items, and more. 

You can even add hooks along the base of a shelf for handing your favorite coffee mugs. Your kitchen will have more of a custom look as well with added shelving. 

Use Dividers in Cabinets

Dividers that separate the space inside cabinets can help smaller kitchens stay organized. Baking sheets and thin pans can be kept in cabinets using either horizontal or vertical dividers. So, instead of sifting through a disorganized stack, you can just slide each one out of its slot.

Forget About Wasted Space in Your Mobile Home Kitchen!

The key to maximizing storage in your kitchen is to think outside the box and make use of every space available! With these innovative storage solutions we went over above, your mobile home kitchen will feel larger and you’ll enjoy being in there more than ever before! 

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