mobile home flex room being used as children's play room.
April 19, 2023

5 Creative Ways to Use Your Mobile Home Flex Room

Are you trying to figure out some creative ways to use your mobile home flex room? 

Many new floor plans for manufactured homes today include a designated “flex room” (or bonus room.) This additional open area, which is at least the size of a bedroom, can be used for a variety of purposes which allows your family to stretch out more and have space for the things that are important to your unique lifestyle! You may work from home and need a quiet space for a home office, or you have a dream of creating a home gym! 

Whatever the situation, a flex room can benefit anyone! It’s all about having more space for the things you love. Let’s explore 5 creative ways to use your mobile home flex room!

Home Office: The Best Way to Utilize a Mobile Home Flex Room When You Work From Home

Let’s face it… Now, more than ever, people are working from home! 

Whether 2020 changed what your job looks like, or if you are new to working at home, it’s obvious that you need your own space for maximum productivity! There is so much freedom and comfort that comes with the work-from-home life, but it also takes some discipline and concentration. 

Utilizing your flex room as a home office is the perfect solution to maximize your productivity and keep you focused. It’s also important to think about a comfortable chair, placing your desk in front of a window for sunlight, and a pleasant decor style (especially for video conferencing!)

Home Gym

If fitness is a priority to you, turning your flex room into a home gym is a no-brainer! Think about how convenient it would be to ditch the gym membership fees, and work out in the comfort of your mobile home whenever you want! 

It would also be worth installing a tv to keep you distracted and powering through your workout (maybe a little binge-watching on the treadmill?) Adding a ceiling fan to the room for some comfort while you break a sweat is a pretty cool idea as well! See what we did there?

Have Children? A Children’s Playroom is the Perfect Way to Use Your Mobile Home’s Flex Room

If you have children of your own, you know all too well how their toys can take over any space in the home! Ever stepped on a Lego brick when you least expect it? 


While it’s impossible to keep all toys in a designated room, using your mobile home’s flex room as a playroom can at least give them a place to be put away at the end of the day that’s not in the main living area or hallways! 

There are great options you can find just about anywhere for storage and functionality as well. You’ve probably seen cubbies with storage cubes, floor baskets, and floating shelves. 

The possibilities are endless! 

Guest Room

Even if you don’t have overnight house guests regularly, having an extra bedroom is a lifesaver when you do! Whatever the primary use of your flex room is, it’s always nice to set up a portable bed, inflate an air mattress, and provide your visitors with a place to sleep. 

You might even go all out and convert your flex room into a permanent guest room. This project is exciting for women who enjoy decorating because it will give them another chance to put together and furnish a space!

Media Room

If you love to kick back and watch movies or your favorite sports team, turning your mobile home’s flex room into a designated media room is a perfect idea!

For their media rooms, many homeowners like to set up a home theater system. This will typically include cozy seating, a large screen at a slightly elevated angle for easy viewing, some strategically placed ambient lighting, and a surround sound system. 

There’s a Flex Room Idea For Everyone!

Some people may find the idea of extra space to be a foreign concept. However, if you want to avoid making your flex room into a junk room (we’ve all seen those), think about one of the creative suggestions we discussed above. A flex room’s use can evolve as your family changes and grows, so you don’t have to feel constrained by one idea! 

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