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Collect all the s and learn everything you need to know about purchasing a mobile home with Braustin.

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Mobile Home Maintenance and Repair

We assembled a collection of tutorials on mobile home maintenance and repair to keep your home in top shape. How to Prevent Leaks in Your Mobile Home Checking for Leaks One of the first steps in maintaining your mobile home’s plumbing system is to check for leaks. After turning the water on to the rest […]

Course 1

The Mobile Home Buying Journey

There are a lot of steps to buying a home, and just being aware of them makes the journey easier. Learn more about the home buying journey. The Emotional Journey of Buying a Home So you’ve been pre-approved for a loan to buy a mobile home. What comes next? Let’s look at the journey post-bank […]

Course 2

Finding the Right Mobile Home

Finding the right home can be difficult, which is why in this section we cover many of the choices you make during your home buying journey. Buying a Mobile Home Online The digital revolution has transformed the way we shop, from books to groceries. But what about more significant purchases like homes? Braustin Homes has […]

Course 3

Mobile Home Loans / Financing

Learn about loans with or without land, loans with bad credit, and more! Land/Home Loan Financing With so much beautiful land to build on here in Texas, land and home packages are a popular choice for buying a new mobile home. Land and home financing for mobile homes can really be broken down into two […]

Course 4

Things to Know About the Land / Property for Your Home

From site preparation to finding insurance, we cover everything you need to know before you purchase land or property for your home. Site Preparation & Base Pads Making sure your property is properly prepared is one of the first things you’re going to want to do when buying a new mobile home. If you’re looking […]

Course 5

Manufacturers We Sell Homes From

Learn more about each of the factories we currently sell from helping you decide which one might best fit your needs. Clayton Athens Homes Clayton Athens homes focus on affordable luxury mobile homes. Hear why our customers really love these homes. See our available Clayton Athens Homes. Tru Homes Tru Homes was the very first […]

Course 6

Other Videos and Posts

Here are some other interesting information that didn’t fit in with the other topics! What It Means to be the Nation’s First Virtual Dealership Going Off Grid with Texas Tech The H.U.M.S.—Home Utility Management System—is essentially a complete resource system designed to harness natural resources, both monitoring their future availability compared to their current level […]

Course 7