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Collect all the s and learn everything you need to know about purchasing a mobile home with Braustin.

Mobile Home Loans / Financing

Learn about loans with or without land, loans with bad credit, and more!

Land/Home Loan Financing

With so much beautiful land to build on here in Texas, land and home packages are a popular choice for buying a new mobile home.

Land and home financing for mobile homes can really be broken down into two main categories: Conventional Loans and Government backed loans like FHA, VA, and USDA mortgages.

With conventional land and home loans, the banks are using their own money to offer financing on your new mobile home so they get to make the rules as to the requirements for your loan. FHA, USDA, and VA home loans offer a great path to financing a new mobile home with little to no down payment, but they generally set more stringent rules.

Land/Home Loan Financing - VA & FHA Loans

Becoming a homeowner just got a bit easier! In this video, we cover programs for veterans both at the state and federal level designed to help you become a homeowner.

Chattel Loan Financing

Once you’ve found that perfect manufactured home and know exactly where you’d like to build it – one of the next things you and your family will need to figure out is what loan options make the most since for you.

One of the most common options used when purchasing a mobile home is what is referred to as chattel. This means you are obtaining a loan for the home only. The land you are placing the home on will be purchased separately, or, if you are placing in a mobile home community, not purchased at all.

There are quite a few benefits from obtaining a chattel loan. First, the loan will be for just the cost of the home, which means a smaller loan. Second, the land is free and clear if your loan is defaulted and the home is repossessed—certainly not a pleasant thought, but a practical one. Third, the home is taxed separately from the land, meaning smaller monthly payments on what is called escrow (the part of your payment made toward tax and insurance).

Buying chattel also means processing the home purchase and installation more quickly than some of the loans we will discuss below.

Of course, it wouldn’t be right to tell you all the benefits without giving you some of the negative sides as well.

With a chattel loan, because only the home is being purchased, it is a loan the bank considers “high risk.” This means that banks will typically require at least 5%-10% down payment and charge a higher interest rate—between 6.99% and 12.99% dependent of course on credit score and total down payment.

For more information on this type of mobile home loan, check out our blog at this link –

Land In Lieu Financing

If you already own a piece of land, then you may be able to build a new mobile home on your property with as little as $0 down.

Land In Lieu financing is a loan program that allows you to substitute the equity in your land as a down payment in lieu of cash.

This allows families to purchase a new mobile home and any site work needed to build onto the property with as little as $0 out of pocket.

Buying with Bad Credit

Bad Credit does not mean you can’t buy a home. We cover some important information about buying a home with bad credit.

The Appraisal Process

Anytime land is involved in the purchase of your new home, whether your using it as collateral or buying a new piece of land to go with your home, the banks require an appraisal to access the value of the property.

In this video we cover the appraisal process, whats involved and what time line you can expect in this part of the process.

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Mobile Home Trade-Ins

When buying a mobile home, the easiest thing to do with your current mobile home is trade it in. How can you maximize your trade-in value? Is trading in your home your best option when buying a new home? We answer these questions and more about mobile home trade-ins.

Income Verification

Income verification in the loan process is about protecting you. Yet it remains a frustrating piece of the loan process, usually because families don’t know what to expect. In this video, Alberto breaks down each and every step of what to expect in the process.

Why to set a monthly budget?

Budgets can be a great tool to understand what is going on with your money and to help you put your money in the right places to achieve your goals.

You can read more about monthly budgets on these three blog posts:

Reasons why you want to make a budget.

How to create a budget when you hate budgets.

Tips for sticking to your budget.

Saving for a Down Payment

One of the greatest challenges for home buyers is saving up for a down payment on their home. In this video, we give you some tips that you may find helpful.

Saving for a Down Payment on a Tight Budget
EPISODE 12: Starter Homes – What do Banks Look For?

Paying Off Your Mortgage Early

We give you some simple tips that can help you pay off your mortgage YEARS early.

Introducing the World’s First Mobile Home Virtual Outpost!

Hear Some Encouraging Stories.

Rent-to-Own Homes

Many people explore a rent-to-own option as a way to buy a home. If you are interested in a rent-to-own home purchase, you want to be aware of a few items to protect yourself from getting hurt financially. Done wrong, you could lose the home and all the money you invested into it, even if you hold your end of the bargain perfectly.

In this video, we cover the basics of what to look out for and how to protect yourself when you enter into a rent-to-own contract.


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What's an Owner Financed Loan?

In this episode of the Braustin Academy, we go over the ins and outs of Owner Financed Loans and why you should carefully consider entering into this type of agreement, if it’s the best fit for you!

Owner financed loans are when a property owner becomes the lender to a buyer, making it easier for both parties to fulfill a transaction on a home, land, or both.

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