shelving added to kitchen to maximize storage in mobile home
April 17, 2023

How to Maximize Storage In Your Mobile Home

Are you looking for ways to maximize storage in your mobile home?

Finding efficient ways to use storage space will benefit you whether you already own a mobile home or are thinking about getting one. But if you don’t have a lot of extra space to work with, then you need to get creative with storage solutions! So, no matter if you’re a mobile homeowner or a soon-to-be mobile homeowner, we’ve got some advice to share with you. Here are 7 ways to maximize storage in your mobile home! 

Space-Saving Bathroom Storage 

When it comes to bathrooms, sometimes all you’ll have to work with is the under-sink cabinet. This calls for some smart organization! 

  • Over-the-toilet storage cabinets allow you to have a more concealed storage space for things you don’t want out in the open. 
  • You can then install some open shelving on another wall for any other items, such as jars of cotton balls or swabs. 
  • Hooks on the back of the door are a clever move for holding towels, robes, and other items. 
  • Lastly, use clear and stackable storage containers under the sink. These would be ideal for holding toiletries, beauty products, and hair tools. 

Organize Your Kitchen

Particularly in manufactured homes, people are constantly looking for more storage in the kitchen. Even more so if your floor plan doesn’t include a pantry. Most people require space for utensils, small appliances, pots and pans, and countless other items.

  • Use wire cabinet shelves to maximize space between your cabinet shelves. 
  • Utilize clear and stackable storage bins for your refrigerator and cabinets.
  • Baking sheets, cutting boards, and pan lids are ideal for storing in a metal file organizer. This keeps them upright, to the side and not sliding around!
  • Try hooks on the inside of the cabinet door for the lids of your pots and pans. This will reduce the risk of lids getting misplaced or mixed up!

Implement Shelving to Maximize Storage in Your Mobile Home

You can keep things organized and utilize the little space you have in your mobile home by adding shelves to any room. Putting in shelves will make the most of your wall space. It is simple to install and has a lot of storage space for items like picture frames, books, etc. You can also add easy-to-install wire shelving to bedroom closets for extra storage.

Use Double-Duty Furniture

Opt for benches, coffee tables, and ottomans to serve as both furniture and storage. These hidden storage areas could be useful for books, blankets, and any other items you keep in your living space!

Maximize Space and Be Discreet With Under-Bed Storage in Your Mobile Home

Utilizing plastic storage containers under your bed is a fantastic additional storage solution for your mobile home. You could store anything from extra clothing to shoes, to luggage. Anything goes! You will be grateful to have your extra belongings tucked way out of sight!

Maximize Storage with a Shed

If all other possibilities have been exhausted and you still require additional space, it might be time to consider a shed.

Your seasonal decor, family valuables/memorabilia, and sporting equipment would have a safe spot to call home. Purchasing a shed will also provide you with the extra room you require to store any lawn equipment and keep it out of the elements!

Get Creative With Your Storage!

You don’t have to feel discouraged when it comes to finding space for your belongings in your home. TheseThere are an endless variety of ways out there to get creative with storage. These were just a handful of storage ideas, and they should make a huge difference in your space already! We hope these helpful storage tips can make your mobile home more livable and functional! 

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